Written by Carole S
17th September 2016

I've had a locked up neck for two years and have seen four different types of practitioner for this in various parts of London. Kam at Fulham Osteopaths is the fifth person I have tried and she is definitely sorting the problem, after all this time! Thank you, Kam....it feels wonderful to be able to move my neck again. Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Claire M
16th September 2016

Melinda is a gentle natured and highly skilled osteopath - nothing to worry about in her capable hands. I feel so much better and know so much more about how my own body is working from my very first treatment . Would highly recommend! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Selena
16th September 2016

I am happy to provide a strong reference for Marco. I cannot stress enough how professional, knowledgeable and experienced he is. Marco has the most amazing ability to make a patient feel comfortable and truly looked after and what is particularly unique about him is his way of thinking outside the box and tailoring the therapy based on the patient's medical history, daily routine, requirements and expectations. He invests a great deal of time in getting to know his patients and their overall medical condition in order to formulate sustainable ways to deal with their respective issues for the long term. He is very receptive of the patient's needs and has a very tactful way of dealing with them. I would highly recommend Marco to anybody as he really succeeded in improving my compromised condition (which had resulted from a very bad car accident). Thank you Marco! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Shona D
16th September 2016

Really wonderful clinic - can't recommend highly enough. I can truly say that their expertise and caring approach has helped improve my health and quality of life over the past 5+ years. Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Andrea C
16th September 2016

I can't recommend this wonderful place enough! As a mum, I have visited Melinda on many occasions with our son (from sleep issues to recurring ear infections) and the results have been noticeable. My son adores Melinda, she has the most calming presence and goes above and beyond to help with her wealth of knowledge. I have visited both Melinda and Cedric to help with post c-section troubles and general wellbeing and I look forward to my quarterly visits! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Mads L
16th September 2016

Fulham Osteopaths has treated me for back pain and they have been absolutely miracle workers. Cedric is the best! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Anna G
16th September 2016

Melinda has been fantastic with my baby. He was a breech baby and very unsettled in his first few weeks. Our maternity nurse recommended that we visit Melinda to see if she could help. Melinda recognised straight away that our baby had a tongue tie and that this was why he wasn't feeding properly. Once this had been addressed our baby was a different child. Melinda also diagnosed a hip issue resulting from the breech position during pregnancy. She has been great at improving the hip mobility and works very sympathetically and gently. All the staff at Fulham Osteopaths are very friendly, professional and kind. I have been recommending them since our first appointment. Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Georgina R
16th September 2016

Melinda and Andy are first class. Andy has an incredibly gentle and sympathetic approach resulting in a long term acute neck problem being more stable that it has been for years. Melinda has the magic touch with babies encouraging them to melt in her hands and her treatments very quickly brought my daughter back to full health after suffering from recurrent ear infections. The practice also has a fantastic homeopath who has complimented their osteopathy skills so effectively. I couldn't recommend Fulham Osteopaths more. I only wish I had discovered them years ago thank you so much! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Nadene W
16th September 2016

My complicated medical history has left me with a combination of health issues that were proving difficult to resolve. Andy and his team have attentively and methodically helped me resolve these issues. Approaching my health as a 'whole of body' concept, rather than simply looking at each issue in isolation, has meant the resolutions will be long lasting. The team are always supportive and understanding, and I have always felt in safe and experienced hands. I have taken my son to the practice when he was suffering with a sporting injury, and they were wonderful helping him too. I really cannot recommend the team highly enough. I am just so pleased I found them! Content taken from Google Review.

Written by Suzi F
15th September 2016

I don't know where I'd have been without Fulham Osteopaths over the years in which they've helped me recover from various different illnesses and injuries, mild and severe. Melinda and Andrew Cotton and the team are all well-qualified, competent, caring and totally professional. The experience, maturity and level of care that the senior osteopaths in particular bring to their work is to my mind unique and incredibly valuable. The residents of Fulham are lucky to have this practice at its heart. Content taken from Goggle Review.