Feedback Policy

Feedback is a valuable indicator of our Advertisers' quality, standards and reputation. The Disc Directory allows and encourages its users to provide Feedback about the quality and standards of its Advertisers and their products or services, and to post reviews and comments through the Online Feedback Form.

We would ask you to please use caution and good judgment when leaving Feedback and ensure that before doing so you read this Feedback Policy, our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Your submission of Feedback will indicate your acceptance of all our Terms and policy documents mentioned herein.


Users may provide genuine Feedback for any listed Advertisers with whom they have had dealings, however, only Feedback relating to Advertisers who have purchased certain packages with us will be displayed on the website. Where Advertisers have only a basic listing, a feedback symbol may be displayed but Users may not see the content of the feedback.

We reserve the right and absolute discretion to select which feedback will be published at any time.


A table of the 'Most Recommended' Advertisers is compiled for each category of business. This table is compiled by reference to the ratings given by users when they provide feedback and is not reflective of the views or recommendations of The Disc Directory.

Please bear in mind that Advertisers with only a free listing cannot appear in the Most Recommended table.


By posting Feedback, you expressly grant us an irrevocable right and licence to use that Feedback, including but not limited to our right to publish, edit, translate and distribute it in any medium and in any form, including making that Feedback available on our Website, CD Rom or other electronic format, in radio advertising, and/or otherwise.

Users also agree that Feedback may be used for advertising and promotional purposes by others (including our Advertisers) without any further requirement for your permission.


You agree to only submit Feedback that is genuine and accurate and in accordance with our Feedback Policy. Above all, you agree not to post any feedback that is defamatory or libellous, or which promotes information that you know or believe to be false, misleading, abusive, threatening or obscene.

You also agree to not knowingly post Feedback that infringes the rights of others, including any copyright and other intellectual property rights, without their express written consent, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim arising out of or relating to your violation of this provision.

You acknowledge that Feedback constitutes the subjective opinions of individual Users and does not in any way represent our opinions or endorsement of the Advertiser concerned.

Whilst we reserve the right at our sole discretion to remove and/or edit Feedback without notice to the User, we do not guarantee the truth, accuracy or legality of the Feedback on the Website and nor will you hold us responsible for the accuracy, truth or legality of the Feedback.

Whilst we use techniques to verify the truth of information provided by our Users, user verification on the internet is difficult. We cannot confirm therefore, and are not responsible for ensuring, the accuracy or truthfulness of Users' purported identities or the validity of the information which they provide to us or post on the Website.


We reserve the right to edit, refuse to publish or to remove from the Website any Feedback that contains any of the following at our sole discretion:-

  • profane, vulgar, obscene or racist language or adult material;
  • potentially slanderous, libellous, defamatory or otherwise illegal comments;
  • feedback from individuals who we believe to be connected to the Advertiser or its competitors;
  • negative feedback or feedback that we believe to be malicious or offensive; and/or
  • which contains inflammatory language such as 'fraud' or 'con artist'.

Whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to monitor Feedback submissions and to avoid the publication of unsuitable or inappropriate comments as outlined above, we cannot guarantee that all Feedback will be reviewed and/or vetted prior to its publication. In the event that you feel aggrieved by any Feedback on the Website, please notify us immediately and we will consider whether it is appropriate for that Feedback to be removed.