Our 8th Anniversary

Philip Molden Jul 6 2014

The Disc Directory is delighted to be celebrating its 8th Anniversary on its mission to help business stand out through impartial feedback.From humble beginnings in Portsmouth in 2006, we've battled through many challenges, much like many of our clients, since starting The Disc Directory; not least being the toughest recession in living memory. Our evolution has been steady. We've created the Working Feedback service, become an IBM Business Partner, NHS Choices Review Partner and most recently a CQC Review Partner. We've also just launched a flotilla of category specific feedback sites under t

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A+ for Health+Care Show

Philip Molden Jun 30 2014

Working Feedback exhibited for the first time at the Health+Care Conference at London's Excel on 25 -26 June. This conference is officially the largest national event for social and health care bringing together several thousand professionals from health, wellbeing and care.The show was very successful for the Working Feedback team and as well as meeting lots of contacts for the first time; we said hello to dozens of clients attending the conference programme and exhibition.John Pemberton, MD of Working Feedback said 'we must have been one of the busiest stands at the show having such a strong

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Victoria Nursing Homes Group Renews

Philip Molden Jun 18 2014

East Sussex based care home group Victoria Nursing Homes has renewed the Working Feedback service for a second year. Delivery of the impartial service extends to five of its homes based in Hove as well as its Kent based sister organisation Wells Nursing Homes with two homes.NHS Choices/CQC Secure Postage-Paid Feedback FormIn additon, the care home group ordered a bespoke supply of the new, secure postage paid feedback forms. The forms, co-developed with NHS Choices are a proven method in capture candid feedback which after moderation are fed through to CQC, NHS Choices, their websites, social

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Want Reviews Fed to LinkedIn?

Philip Molden Jun 10 2014

What are Automated Reviews to LinkedIn?If you have a LinkedIn personal or business profile, we've developed a feed that automates your reviews straight to your LinkedIn profile/s.This means that each time a review is received and verified through the Working Feedback service it will go directly to the LinkedIn profile/s that you have associated.Who can use the LinkedIn Service?Any business receiving reviews through the Working Feedback service is eligible for this feature. In order to activate this you must first register your business on our secure Most Recommended website (see below). Numero

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In Full Control of Feedback?

Philip Molden Jun 1 2014

With the use of Facebook and Twitter, it is now easier than ever to monitor what your people are saying about your business.It also means that if there are any complaints, they are in full public view of your existing and potential customers and clients, potential employees and key influencers.So, it is important that you monitor your social media following and listen to what people are saying about you.Why? Because when you respond to someone who has posted negative comments, you can turn bad word-of-mouth into an example of excellent customer service.This can do wonders for your customer rep

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OSJCT Joins Forces with Working Feedback

Philip Molden May 6 2014

One of the largest not-for-profit care providers of care for older people in the UK, The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT), has joined forces with Working Feedback, an industry-leading feedback collection service.OSJCT has agreed a three-year contract with Working Feedback to provide feedback services to their 72 care homes across Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, providing care for approximately 3,500 residents. The group specialises in providing high quality, person centred care for older people, both in care homes and extra care housing.Working Feedback, in conjun

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Reviews on your Website?

Philip Molden Apr 28 2014

If you are asking for feedback from your customers, then why not ask for some testimonials to put on your website too?Testimonials are a great way of showcasing some of your best customers, and demonstrating your skills and expertise to future customers.People rarely believe what you say. They are much more likely to believe other people.There is no better publicity than what your own customers have to say. So why not shout about it?For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or Visit website

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Impartial Feedback is Priceless

Philip Molden Apr 25 2014

One major benefit of customer feedback is that you can find out what they think about your company or your service.Why is this useful? Because you can continuously change and improve or develop your service or product according to your customers' needs. Their needs may have changed - how else can you be sure you are keeping up with what they want?You might even identify a customer need you didn't know about and come up with something new to impress them.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or Visit website

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Staff Are Key To Feedback

Philip Molden Apr 15 2014

Here's a thought.Great feedback comes from great customer service. Great customer service comes from great staff training.So how can you make sure your staff deliver the service you expect from them?What training have you got in place to make sure your staff are well equipped to deal with everything that comes their way? To find out what training they need, carry out a 'training needs assessment'.This will identify any areas that need to be improved, and ensure your staff do you proud.Give yourself the best possible chance of getting some winning feedback sent your way.For further information

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Instant Feedback on Tablet

Philip Molden Apr 10 2014

Here's a creative way to get your customers to give you feedback.Why not load it up onto an electronic tablet at your point of sale. You can get them to take the survey there and then, and you could offer an instant discount on their purchase.It's a no-brainer. There aren't many who would say no to something so instant.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or Visit website

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Shouting About Feedback

Philip Molden Apr 5 2014

Don't you just love it when a positive piece of feedback comes your way?Why not shout about it?You should be showcasing your feedback on your website where people can see it or sharing it on social media where people can comment on it. Word of mouth is the best business generator. When you are receiving five star feedback you should make sure it is visible to everyone who comes to your website.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or Visit website

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Care Showcase, Brighton

Philip Molden Mar 4 2014

Working Feedback is exhibiting at next week's Care Showcase held at Brighton Racecourse and sponsored by Surrey Care Association.The exhibition will be the first external event where care providers can find out how to benefit even more from the Working Feedback service since launching the NHS Choices co-developed feedback form and becoming a CQC Review Partner enabling reviews to be shared with the key care sector hubs.Credit: event on Tuesday 11th March and the extensive seminar programme and exhibition attracts everyone and anyone from the South working within the ca

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Increase Feedback with Email Link

Philip Molden Feb 24 2014

Are you struggling to get feedback on a regular basis? Here's a tip for you to help you benefit more from customer feedback.Did you know that by adding a feedback link to your emails will dramatically increase the amount of feedback you receive?By adding this to the end of every email you give your customers yet another opportunity to leave you feedback.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or E-Mail Working Feedback / web:Visit website

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Don't wait too long for Feedback

Philip Molden Feb 19 2014

Here's a tip for you to help you benefit more from the role of customer feedback.Get feedback as soon as you possibly can after customers have used your service/bought a product from you.If you leave it for too long your customers might forget all about you. They are more likely to give you feedback instantly if you ask for it, than if you wait a few weeks to send a form.Give yourself every chance of collecting precious feedback, and don't wait.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or E-Mail Working Feedback / web:Visit website

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Get higher on Google

Philip Molden Feb 14 2014

Did you know more feedback means a higher ranking on Google? Here's a tip for you to help you benefit more from feedback.The more ratings you get the better your chances at beating others to the top of the search engine.Keep this in mind at any time you feel like you have enough feedback. You can never have enough. The more current the better!For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or E-Mail Working Feedback / web:Visit website

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Respond to Feedback Left

Philip Molden Feb 12 2014

So hopefully you have feedback coming in regularly, now what? Here's a tip for you to help you benefit more from feedback.Start responding! It shows that you care and value what's being said as well as giving your business a personality!If you have had some negative feedback it is important to address the issue directly and try to fix it. That way you could turn some unhappy customers into satisfied ones.What could be better than that?For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or E-Mail Working Feedback / web:Visit website

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Reviews to your Twitter & Facebook

Philip Molden Feb 9 2014

Would you like reviews to help improve your social media profile? With Working Feedback you can.Twitter and Facebook are more relevant than ever for extending your online presence, from promoting activities to attracting new staff; social media helps you to reach a a new audience.Your reviews are fed automatically to your social media accounts after they have been verified and modified through Working Feedback. This means that your activity is varied and followers and fans get to see more than your news news or comments. They get to see that your service comes recommended through impartial rev

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Request your Feedback Statement

Philip Molden Feb 7 2014

Would you like to be able to receive a statement of your feedback at the click of a button? Now you can.Currently, the feedback statement is sent automatically by email at the end of each month. This stays in place but the new feature gives you the ability to request a feedback statement immediately by email whenever you want one from your ‘SEO Toolbox'.The feedback statement feature is now available and allows you to:Feedback received between 1 month and nowFeedback received between 3 months ago and nowFeedback received between 6 months ago and nowFeedback received over the past yearAll time

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Make Capturing Feedback Simple

Philip Molden Feb 3 2014

Is the way that you're trying to collect feedback working? Here's a tip for you to help you benefit more from the ability to capture feedback from your customers.Can your customers access your feedback form or find the online link easily? If they have to spend minutes looking for it, they aren't likely to bother.Make sure that it's easy to find at the click of a button or by having postage-paid feedback forms close to hand.For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100 or E-Mail Working Feedback / web:Visit website

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CQC & NHS Choices Forms Now Available!

Philip Molden Jan 31 2014

This is the first time that your reviews can have so much influence over whether people choose your service over others!As well as an essential tool in helping you to attract new clients, learning what you could improve upon; your reviews will contribute towards your Quality & Risk profile with the CQC.The new, exclusive feedback forms co-developed with NHS Choices and partnered with CQC are available now.Why you should use these new FormsIn working with NHS Choices and CQC, we were asked to develop a tangible method for generating a feedback form enabling reviewers to write freely and wit

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Why doesn't the CQC have the same opinion as your

Philip Molden Jan 14 2014

When the CQC inspects a service they base decisions on evidence. Clients' think you're the best thing since sliced bread so why doesn't CQC know that?That's now changed, as reviews collected through Working Feedback are shared with the CQC enabling them to build a clearer picture based on feedback of the actual people that use it. This includes care homes, home care providers, dentists, GPs, NHS Trusts etc.CQC adds the reviews to everything they know about any given service and this information will become part of the decision making process on when, where and what to inspect. Any reviews go t

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Reviews now Shared with CQC

Philip Molden Jan 8 2014

We've become an approved Care Quality Commission (CQC) partner.Reviews collected through sister site Most Recommended Care will now be shared with the CQC, enabling the Commission to build a clearer picture of the standard of care people receive from care homes, home care providers, dentists, GPs, NHS Trusts etc.CQC will add the reviews to everything they know about any given service and this information will become part of the decision making process on when, where and what to inspect. Any reviews from people using services provided by Most Recommended Care go towards building the CQC Quality

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Top Tips for Repeat Business

Philip Molden Nov 28 2013

Are you saying 'Thank you' to your loyal customers and clients? Of course, you probably say thank-you there and then, but does that stand out in your customer's mind?Top Tip: Why not send thank you letters the old way and use "snail mail". Posting a letter or postcard to someone makes the whole thing feel much more personal and thought out.By thanking your loyal customers, you increase the chances of them making repeat business. This little gesture could serve as a reminder, and put you in the forefront of their minds next time they are looking for a similar service or product.This could be a

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What's your customers' first impression?

Philip Molden Nov 21 2013

First impressions count. It's just human nature to judge people on your first encounter.So imagine if the first impression of your business by a customer is not being acknowledged or being confronted by a rude individual.It's not the impression you want to be remembered by is it?Imagine ten new customers or clients walked into your premises while a member of your staff was having an off day and each person was ignored or badly dealt with.The chances of them coming back will be much lower.It is important then to make sure that all of your staff are trained correctly to a top standard to avoid d

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Sales Job / Immediate Start

Philip Molden Nov 20 2013

Experience in outbound telesales? Looking for a part time role? We are An established B2B company based in Shedfield, SO32 Looking for a part-time individual for 4/5 days per week (hours approx 9.30am-2.30pm).Role is contacting the care sector over the phone from an established database, to sell in an approved feedback system. Must meet agreed targets and generate new business. Previous outbound telesales experience is essential. Salary of £6.50 p/h with potential for generous commission payments. OTE £20-35KWould suit local person, driving licence and own car desirable. This is a

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Giving that little extra reaps Rewards

Philip Molden Nov 15 2013

Here's a tip to help word of mouth go that little further.Don't you just love getting that little something free with a service?How often do you say no to a free biscuit with your coffee, or a free consultation with someone important?These things probably won't cost a lot in the long run, but they go a long way. Satisfaction is bound to be higher when you are going the extra mile to please someone by adding a little something they didn't expect.Think about it. A satisfied customer or client is a valuable one. After all, these are the people spreading the word about your business. Are they not

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Want to be higher on Google?

Philip Molden Nov 14 2013

Here's a tip to help you appear higher on Google.Did you know more feedback means a higher ranking on Google? The more ratings you get the better your chances at beating others to the top of the search engine.Fresh content is one of the most highly valued commodities for search engines. Keep this in mind at any time you feel like you have enough feedback. You can never have enough.The more current the better and this is where Working Feedback comes in!What would you like to happen with your feedback today?For further information please contact Working Feedback on 0845 340 0038.

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How long before you ask for Feedback?

Philip Molden Nov 13 2013

Here's a tip to help you capture feedback.Get feedback as soon as you possibly can after customers have used your service/bought a product from you.If you leave it for too long your customers might forget all about you. They are more likely to give you feedback instantly if you ask for it, than if you wait a few weeks to send a form.There are more than enough ways to capture feedback now and this is where Working Feedback comes in.Give yourself every chance of collecting precious feedback, and don't wait.What would you like to happen with your feedback today?For further information please cont

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Why not send an online Survey?

Philip Molden Nov 12 2013

Here's a tip to find out what your customers' think.Have you thought about conducting an online customer satisfaction survey?You could integrate this with your social networking profiles to connect with your customers there too.Make sure the survey is quick and requires as little time as possible. If your survey is too long, people aren't likely to complete it.A well-designed survey can give you valuable information about how your customers view your business.Of course, whilst this information is useful, it will only really benefit you when you do something with it. So many companies make the

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Struggling to get Reviews?

Philip Molden Nov 7 2013

Are you struggling to get feedback on a regular basis?Did you know that with Working Feedback, you can add a feedback link to your emails which sends your customers directly to your online feedback form?Then, when your customers see how easy it is they'll be more motivated to respond.By adding this to the end of every email you give your customers yet another opportunity to leave you feedback. Tell us what you think!For further information please contact us on 0845 340 0038

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How to manage negative feedback

Philip Molden Oct 29 2013

We all know that people like to complain when something has gone wrong, and it's easy to do it publicly with the web these days.Of course negative feedback is still important, but it needs to be managed.The key to managing negative feedback lies within the way your feedback is collected.So are you are collecting feedback through a live web page? If the answer to this is "yes" then that's ok. But what about when someone posts something negative for all of your clients or customers to see?The trick is to make sure all your feedback goes to you or to a third party feedback manager first. That way

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8 Vital Actions for Dealing With Complaints

Philip Molden Sep 11 2013

In business, none of us are perfect, so when you receive a complaint or constructive criticism be proactive.Here are 8 vital actions for dealing with complaints:Contact the customer, if you haven't already resolved the problem. Listen carefully, and consider their comments. Don't take it personally or get defensive. Resolve the problem if you can. If the problem points to a training need, make sure staff get the training. Look for ways to improve systems to make mistakes unrepeatable. Document the lessons learned. Make sure everyone in your team knows what the problem was, how it occurred, how

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New Feedback App (Android)

Philip Molden Aug 30 2013

What is the Working Feedback App?The Working Feedback App (Android) provides businesses with a smarter way to collect feedback from their customers through an Android tablet or smartphone. Each company has its own password protected App that displays a user friendly feedback form bespoke to the business. How it displays on a Smartphone screenWho can use the App?Anybody that has subscribed to the Working Feedback service can use the Android App as long as they abide by our terms and conditions. However, there are certain businesses that should be particularly interested in using the App:Service

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Website Badge Widget for you

Philip Molden Aug 22 2013

What is the Feedback badge widget?Working Feedback badge widgets (aka. Quality Badges/Badges of Honour) let clients embed a link to their feedback on their own website with a bespoke badge. Each company has its own widget that displays the current satisfaction percentage of their current feedback along with a link to its full profile on The badge widget for Affinity Training (specialists in social care training) is shown below.Who can use the badge widget?Anybody that has subscribed to the Working Feedback service can use the widget as long as they abide by our ter

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How Franchisors get to hear the Customer

Philip Molden Aug 22 2013

The brand and reputation are the most valuable assets to any franchise, so entrusting them to a franchisee is always a daunting prospect. How do you know they'll continue to uphold the values that YOU have worked so hard to build?Through evaluating the franchise model for ourselves and then by working with established franchises such as ActionCOACH and Select Appointments, we realised the significant benefits the service could give to franchisors. In brief, it can reconnect you to your customers, giving you a more complete picture of your whole business.A franchise is only as strong as its wea

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QEF Services introduces Feedback

Philip Molden Aug 2 2013

Leading disability charity Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) has extended the impartial feedback service through its core Services.After an initial trial period with their Independent Living Services, QEF has taken the decision to run the feedback and online marketing service through its three other specialist Services and its family of charities.QEF Chief Executive, Jonathan Powell said of Working Feedback ‘we are very pleased with the way Working Feedback has supported our Independent Living Services within such a short period of time. We identified that using Working Fe

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Care Reviews fed to NHS Choices

Philip Molden Jul 4 2013

As an approved NHS Review Choices partner, through its dedicated care website Most Recommended Working Feedback has become the leading feedback service in the UK for collecting, managing and helping care providers to grow their online presence.Working Feedback and The Disc has established itself as an essential service for care providers by using feedback as a pro-active marketing tool as well as for management purposes, by ensuring that reviews are highlighted through numerous online channels including Google and social media.John Pemberton, Managing Director & Co-founder &quo

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Surrey Care recommends Feedback

Philip Molden May 29 2013

Leading care association Surrey Care Association (SCA) has entered into a strategic partnership with Working Feedback (The Disc) that will benefit its care provider members throughout Surrey. Launched at last week's SCA's Spring Conference in Leatherhead; social care delegates were introduced to the bespoke feedback and review service that works proactively by managing feedback through web and social media platforms.Specialising in the social care sector, Working Feedback transforms the challenge of how feedback can be used, from a knee jerk, time consuming process into a proactive, turbo powe

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Google is Loving The Disc

Philip Molden Mar 22 2013

The Working Feedback service is all about helping you to benefit from feedback but as with anything, performance is all down to what's under the bonnet.Our small but perfectly formed engine is which is what we feed your content through and Google loves it! Google Analytic numbers are returning some staggering figures for The Disc: Over 6.4 million pages indexed by Google Over 2.4 million unique visitors to the site per year Over 1.4 million pages per week visited by the Googlebot (this is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web t

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Exhibiting at Care Show 2013

Philip Molden Mar 19 2013

Working Feedback played a strong supporting role for HCA (Hampshire Care Association) at this year's Care Show in Bournemouth through 19-20th March 2013.The Working Feedback senior management team including Russell Herd, Philip Molden and John Pemberton were all in attendance and manning the HCA stand. The aim was to support HCA and educate care providers in the new feedback and directory initiative launched by HCA for the benefit of its members.Working Feedback has developed for HCA care home and domiciliary care members to stand out through feedback and raise

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Working Feedback presents at Social Care

Philip Molden Mar 13 2013

At the Showcase for Social Care 2013 held on 13 March, Operations Director, Philip Molden was a keynote speaker at the event at Brighton Racecourse.The presentation focused on 'How to really benefit from feedback' including useful tips on the most effective ways of incorporating regular updates to websites, social media and Google through the most powerful form of marketing 'word of mouth'. Photo credit: event jointly supported by Surrey Care Association, West Sussex County Council, East Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council brought together a

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Hampshire Care Home Directory Launched

Philip Molden Mar 5 2013

Working Feedback is proud to announce through their strategic alliance with Care Market Place (CaMP) the launch of the Hampshire Care Directory for Hampshire Care is now live.Why Hampshire Care Association (HCA) has launched thisHCA recognised that more and more care organisations struggle with marketing and compliance and the Hampshire Care Directory is now the platform for members to stand out through a number of exclusive features unique to HCA members as well as highlighting up to date bed vacancies.Just some of the directory features include:

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Strategic Alliance formed with LCM

Philip Molden Jan 25 2013

Feedback and business development service Working Feedback receives a very positive boost for 2013 with the announcement of LCM (Logical Creative Marketing) as a strategic partner.As one of the most trusted and respected marketing and PR partners in the Solent region, LCM's support and involvement will help raise the profile of the Working Feedback service and its ability to add value to clients large and small.LCM founder Lizz Clarke says “I have been following the progress of Working Feedback over the last six years and admire the way that they have evolved their feedback service to st

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Care occupancy too LA reliant?

Philip Molden Dec 19 2012

Attract privately funded clients through reputationIf your care home isn't attracting enough privately funded clients; what are you actively doing to reduce the reliance on local authority funded occupancy?You may have had a CQC three star rating but now that they've disappeared there is even less opportunity for people to see your good comments. Working Feedback will get your testimonials seen by as many people as possible by getting you a higher online profile and keeping your website and social media updated.We'll help you to increase the number of privately funded clients through a bespoke

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Increase your Care Home Occupancy

Philip Molden Dec 6 2012

Private Clients are very discerning; what's your competitive advantage?Want to increase the number of privately funded clients?The future of your care home is about ensuring that you attract the right clients at the right time. Making sure that this happens means that you must stand out from your competition.If you would like to achieve a higher online profile and keep your website up to date with testimonials we can help with our proactive service.We make sure that it's your care home that stands out:Through a higher star rated Google presence just by using your testimonialsWith a Quality Mar

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Bed Vacancies in your Care home?

Philip Molden Nov 23 2012

When price isn't the main factor in choosing a care home; you have to stand out for more than just being a name in a directory.The Working Feedback service makes sure that it's your care home they notice by recommendation when making the important decision to place a relative or loved one into your care.It starts by:Achieving a higher Google online profile with star ratings for your homeKeeping your website up to date by feeding testimonials directProviding you with an easy, managed system to address CQC Outcomes 7,10 & 16Our service for a year will cost you on average the equivalent of 1

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Feedback does reap Rewards

Philip Molden Nov 23 2012

Working Feedback was delighted to get a call from client Rodda & Hocking Ltd who has been nominated as a finalist for 'Conservatory Installer of the Year' at the Glass and Glazing Awards.Director Bob Kerr prides himself on customer service and felt that the profile generated through the Working Feedback service played a part in his nomination.Cornwall based Rodda and Hocking is an independent double glazing company with:almost 100 customer testimonials,a 5 star Google rating through The Disc Directory,a 96% satisfaction rating all generated through the independent Working Feedback system.P

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Make Website Testimonials work

Philip Molden Nov 12 2012

If your feedback stops working once it's been filed away; you're missing out on a huge opportunity to raise the online profile of your care home.At Working feedback, we take care of everything so that testimonials become part of your reputation.READ THE CASE STUDY from a home that's built a reputation as a great care home for the elderly.Aronel Cottage Care Home says "As a business tool, this is more credible than Google, because it gives actual testimonials. Someone giving you a testimonial is very powerful." For further information please contact The Disc / Working Feedback on 0800

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Your care home stand out?

Philip Molden Nov 3 2012

At The Disc Directory & Working feedback, we make sure that testimonials are pro-active outside of your reception area.By using our feedback system your care service will greatly increase its Google and social media profile, giving your website real credibility and helping to meet CQC requirements. What's more we'll guarantee it.Read the Case Study from care specialist TrueCare (New Forest) to see what it does for them.Here are care providers just like yours actively benefiting from the service (just click on their name):Aronel Cottage Nursing Home, Bognor RegisWisteria Lodge, HorndeanNob

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Disc Directory Sign Agreement to supply NHS Choice

Philip Molden Oct 31 2012

The Disc Directory have signed an agreement today to supply feedback to NHS Choices.John Pemberton, Managing Director of The Disc Directory, says this is groundbreaking for us and is a reflection of the effort and attention to detail we are putting into the Care industry.There will some development in ensuring the two systems are working together correctly, but it is great news for the ever growing feedback business.

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Want a Website Feedback Form

Philip Molden Jul 30 2012

Do you give customers a reason to visit your website regularly?With our new web feedback form you can encourage more traffic by asking them to leave feedback through your website.Add the Web feedback form to your website and direct customers straight to you!What it DoesIt reminds customers of your services with an easy way to feedbackIt gives you the extra opportunity to add further incentives or market other services at the same timeIt provides you with the reassurance that the feedback is verified first before it goes liveHere's a cracking example of a business that has added the form James

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Use Email to get Feedback

Philip Molden Jul 23 2012

Getting regular feedback can sometimes be a challenge. Now, it's much simpler through our service when you add the new feedback link to your emails; customers simply click to go direct to your feedback form.Make it part of your everyday process by including the Email Link within your email signature to show the importance that you place on your customers and what they think about your service!What it DoesIt makes it more convenient for your customers to leave feedbackIt gives you with a further method for collecting feedbackIt reassures your customers that their feedback goes through an impart

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Testimonials Directly to YOUR Website

Philip Molden Jul 11 2012

Everyone knows testimonials are important in gaining trustSo why aren't you making sure that potential customers know that you're the one to choose?Add our RSS feed to your website Homepage and never worry about having to update testimonials on your website again!What it Does It helps to reassure your customers that they're using the right businessIt keeps your feedback updated right up to the minuteIt can be made to be as eye catching as you wish with rolling featuresIt can help with Google to improve your page rankingIt's a direct link to your page on The DiscHere are some cracking live exam

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Feed Testimonials to Facebook

Philip Molden Jul 6 2012

We've overcome the difficulties with feeding testimonials direct to your Facebook 'business' profile. Now you can feed testimonials through the Facebook account of your choice!There is a 'fix' through Twitter and would strongly recommend that you set this up to enhance your Facebook. (First CHECK that your Twitter link is in place by going directly to your listing on The Disc Directory and clicking on the button icon 'Your SEO Toolbox' then choose the 'Twitter option'.)10 Steps to connecting Facebook through TwitterLog in to your Twitter accountClick on 'Edit Profile' in top rightScroll to the

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Instant Credibility with Website Badge

Philip Molden Jul 4 2012

We've developed a Badge of Honour that gives your business INSTANT credibility.If you've not already added it, we would strongly recommend that you add your Badge of Honour to your Homepage. What it DoesIt gives an immediate positive impression of your businessIt highlights your feedback % ratingIt's optimised for Google to improve your page rankingIt's dynamic so that it updates itself when there's new feedbackIt's a direct link to your feedback pageHere's a cracking live example on the Homepage of Aronel Cottage Nursing HomeChoose from 6 styles to match your website; simply go to your listin

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Launched E-Commerce Module

Philip Molden Jun 28 2012

The Disc Directory and Working Feedback are proud to announce their new ecommerce module allowing clients to pay on line for our top services.John Pemberton, MD, says this is brilliant and very happy moving the whole site forward and this will enable us to grow to new levels.Click here to visit Online Store

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Managing CQC Feedback

Philip Molden Jun 27 2012

As a care provider Outcome 16 of the CQC regulations requires a feedback reporting system in place to assess and monitor the quality of your service provision. On top of providing care, this can be a daunting task!Working Feedback is an independent, impartial service that manages feedback on your behalf. It then works for you online by making you stand out through the testimonials received from residents, next of kin, visitors, professionals and staff. People value testimonials, especially through an impartial source.Would a service that takes care of this for £50 per month appeal to you

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Google Business Photos

Philip Molden Jun 26 2012

Google has been busy adding lots more functionality to their searches.One of the more interesting features has been the introduction of Google Business Photos, which quite literally takes a customer from the street straight into a 360 degree virtual tour of your business!It's very new and we're delighted to be working with one of the official Google photographers. Because of this we've negotiated special rates.More info on Google BusinessIf this is of interest please contact us on 0800 043 2100 and we'll put you in touch.

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Do testimonials Work

Philip Molden Jun 25 2012

DO TESTIMONIALS REALLY WORK?By Marilyne Woodsmall, Ph.M.DO TESTIMONIALS REALLY WORK?Long before the internet came along, people have been giving testimonials for products. TV sales have always played a huge part in the conspicuous consumer society in which we live and still do so today. With the onset of the internet, we have been overwhelmed with the typical and quite annoying bottomless sales letter that is riddled with endorsements and testimonials to convince prospective buyers to purchase a product or service.And with TV shopping channels like QVC and the Home Shopping Network, testimonia

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Testimonials / Feedback is it worth doing��

Philip Molden Jun 19 2012

Testimonials / Feedback is it worth doing……If your clients are saying wonderful things about your business, then why not publicise those positive testimonials for the world to see?Absolutely, however there are pitfalls that you need to avoid. There are two main problems with customer testimonials-overuse and legitimacy. A problem with Testimonials reflected on a lot of websites is that they are merely excerpts from client communication and because the business has total control of the content how do potential customers know that this is even a real comment from a real client and has no

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Google Places is Dead Long Live Google+ Local

Philip Molden Jun 1 2012

When Google+ and Google+ Pages for business were introduced a little less than a year ago many people in the local search arena began anticipating the day when Google would merge or integrate Google Places and Google+ Pages. Well, today is that day.Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. As of this morning roughly 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages, according to Google's Marissa Mayer. It's a dramatic change (for the better) though it will undoubtedly disorient some users and business

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Keeping up with the times?

Philip Molden Apr 4 2012

As technology continues to push the boundaries of communication forward, many businesses are asking what else have we got to say?There is a fine balance between relevant messages and saying something just to be heard. This has never been more prevalent in the world of social media. How do you ensure what is said is going to have a positive impact on your business?The service Working Feedback ensures that only positive messages in the form of testimonials are fed online to social media and search engines thereby reinforcing the good things that customers are saying about you.People once said th

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Hear what customers really think

Philip Molden Mar 20 2012

We've all been to that restaurant where one element spoils the whole experience. When asked ‘How was your meal', what did you reply?So when customers give you feedback, how do you know that you're getting an honest answer?There is an impartial feedback service from Working Feedback that you use to collect this information from your clients. It works as you're asking in anon-confrontational way and all responses come back to us first as a third party.Constructive feedback is captured in confidence so you get to find out what could have been done better and where to focus your efforts.So, if you

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You do use Feedback, don't you?

Philip Molden Mar 14 2012

Being told how wonderful your business is by a customer is an opportunity, you're not missing out are you?Did you know that a staggering 89% of business owners file testimonials away for posterity! What do you do with yours?The Working Feedback service helps a business capture and then make the most from feedback including getting testimonials on:GoogleTwitterFacebookThe Disc DirectoryYour WebsiteLinkedInEmployees' LinkedInEmployees' Facebook pages90% of our clients achieve a 5 Star rating in Google search results.Enjoy a greater presence on the internet thanks to your customers....How it all

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5 Stars On Google, Want them?

Philip Molden Feb 28 2012

The aspiration of every business owner is to achieve 5 Stars in the Google search results; want to know how you can do this?Having built up a trusted relationship with Google and collecting thousands of testimonials, the service from Working Feedback gets 5 Star ratings for businesses in the search results quickly.Don't you agree that raising your online presence in this way will help you win more business and give you more credibility?It couldn't be simpler to get started, just Click HereWorking Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and non-confrontational referral service which makes word of mo

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Stay in Control of Reviews

Philip Molden Feb 24 2012

You discover an online review about your business saying "it's the worst service they've ever experienced and not to use you!" as far as you are aware they're not even a customer, what do you do?Many online review sites don't allow you to address feedback that may be incorrect or even defamatory. In fact, businesses have suffered significant financial loss from such reviews.How do you take control of what is said, what can you do to protect your business reputation that you've worked so hard to achieve?The service Working Feedback works with you to enhance your business name and reputation, en

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Stand out on Google

Philip Molden Feb 21 2012

The maxim ‘any PR is good PR' does not always hold true when it comes to online business reviews.If you've ever been on the receiving end of negative feedback on Google or one of the many ‘warts and all' review websites you'll know the impact it can have. Whether or not it's justified it will affect your business.So it stands to reason that whatever comments people see about your business the more likely they are to believe it.If you care about your business reputation here are some steps you should be taking to make the positive feedback work for you on Google: Put a system in place to captur

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How to REALLY get Referrals

Philip Molden Feb 16 2012

When's the last time after a customer verbally gave you a glowing recommendation you were left thinking ‘if only I could do something with that'? Unfortunately, you can't bank sentiments, so referrals only count when you're able to follow them up or at the very least make use of the comments.Don't leave it up to chance, the next time one of your customers says how good you are:Capture that information and ask if you can use itAsk who else they know that would want to share the same great experience?Putting something into place will reap rewards for you as a direct referral by this method gives

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Get Referrals & receive more

Philip Molden Feb 14 2012

Do you ever think about an opportunity missed? How about the number of customers you've asked for a referral over the past four weeks? Look at it another way, had you received just one referral and were successful in getting them on board what would it be worth your business? Multiply that by two, three, four referrals a month and suddenly these opportunities start to become more relevant.If it's the process that's the problem make sure that you introduce a system asking for referrals from your customers. Otherwise, expecting customers to refer you when you'd like them to may be a wait too lon

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Unlock the potential of Referrals

Philip Molden Feb 9 2012

We were surprised to see that the quote ‘If you don't ask, you don't get' came from Gandhi.We doubt that he was talking about referrals at the time but it's very fitting when it comes to getting new business in!For many businesses the idea of asking for a referral is the equivalent of slapping a client in the face with a wet fish! Let us assure you, they won't be offended in being asked. Be assumptive, clients are using your services because they trust you and whilst you may not get a referral every time, you're making it part of your process.See our blog on Asking for Referrals, why not?Worki

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Is your business Social Proof?

Philip Molden Feb 2 2012

Social Proof nounDefinition: ‘When a positive influence is created through the actions of others it can determine consumer behaviour. An effect where in an ambiguous situation an assumption is made based on the level of information visible about that business.'Are you capturing the word of mouth from those with experience of you? What do you do with your testimonials, are you even collecting them? Is your website set up to handle feedback? What's happening with your social media?Take the Social Proof testIf you were a potential customer looking to use your business what would you find?Working

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Make Money from Testimonials

Philip Molden Jan 29 2012

Is your business guilty of keeping its testimonials to itself?Do you have that special drawer or notice board containing every letter and thank you card from your grateful and delighted clients?The majority of businesses don't know what to do with testimonials. The web has changed all that.There are (at least) 4 online sources where we feed testimonials effectively:Through a client's website which then updates automatically (see how the RSS Feed works)Through Google which helps our client move up the rankingsThrough social media such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedInUpdated on The Disc Direc

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Google Page 1 with Reviews

Philip Molden Jan 27 2012

Getting Google to notice you through impartial testimonials doesn't need to cost the earth.Here are 4 tips to using testimonials that will ensure Google (& new opportunity) notices you for the right reasons:Are you receiving testimonials? If not, put something in place. Clients are more than happy to give testimonials if you ask them. Feedback is a gift, accept it graciously & start working it (see The Value of Feedback)Make sure testimonials are added to your website regularly. Google is looking for changing content on websites. Ever noticed that most website testimonials aren't dated

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Business Biscotti Networking Community Ready

Philip Molden Jan 20 2012

Working Feedback and The Disc Directory is delighted to announce the implementation of an online feedback service on the Business Biscotti website.With over 70 group locations (with a further 20 groups in planning) Business Biscotti understands the importance of impartial feedback and has introduced the Working Feedback service to help grow through the views of its guests and members.Sue Reeves, Sales and Marketing Director at Business Biscotti comments 'we have been absolutely delighted with the service provided by Working Feedback and our Business Biscotti groups are now starting to add thei

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The Disc Directory evolves in to Working Feedback

Philip Molden Jan 16 2012

Over the past 5 years The Disc Directory has evolved so significantly that its business benefits extend much further than a conventional online directory. For this reason, we are delighted to announce the launch of Working Feedback as the sales and marketing arm of The Disc Directory.Operations Director, Philip Molden says ‘Launching Working Feedback makes complete sense as it captures exactly what we do. From day one our strength as a business service has been the ability to innovate and excite. The Disc was the first directory to introduce online recommendations; the first to link testimonia

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Firms fall victim to fake web reviews

Philip Molden Nov 4 2011

We at The Disc Directory are appalled that fake reviews are still going on and are very frustrated that a lot of these web sites do not simply use people and common sense when making reviews live. We have invested in technology and have some great working relationships and collect feedback and reviews all the time. We will report companies to Trading Standards and remove companies for failing to meet basic customer service levels.John Pemberton, Managing Director of The Disc Directory explains "We started this company over five years ago and have maintained our integrity through thick and

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Bigger than Checkatrade

Philip Molden Aug 23 2011

It's official, visitor numbers to The Disc Directory haveovertaken Checkatrade. Website visitor numbers published by Checkatrade showthat The Disc Directory exceeded the well established trade directory for thefirst time since launching nationally only 2 years ago.In mid August 2011 Checkatrade announced an all time high of229,601, The Disc Directory at the same time had 260,283 visitors.The Disc has seen a dramatic increase over the past 6 weeksas it becomes more popular on the search engine Google.Philip Molden, Operations Director at The Disc said'Although not direct competition Checkatrade

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Really Proud To Support RNLI Open Day

Philip Molden Aug 12 2011

As a supporter of the RNLI we are happy to extend an invite to their OPEN Day this Sunday, please make time to visit and you could win a £500 weekend away for two in the Raffle, donated by The Disc Directory, please buy as many tickets as you can.My family and I have been going for several years now and always have a lot of fun, when the coastguard come over in the helicopter everyone ducks, a great charity and a great day for all the family.On the way to Hayling Island ferry see the poster below.Please leave feedback on the day click here

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Liberalisation of Legal Markets Scotland

Philip Molden Jun 13 2011

Agreement to proceed with Alternative Business Structures (ABS's) came when the legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010 became law in November 2010. Slightly watered down version of ABSs as 51% ownership share still has to be in hands of solicitors or "members of other regulated professions, e.g. accountancy". When ABS's arrive will depend on the priorities of new Scottish government elected in May 2011…watch this space

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Liberalisation of Legal Markets England & Wales

Philip Molden Jun 12 2011

6th October 2011 is the official date for the introduction of Alternative Business Structures (ABSs) where non-lawyers can invest in law firms for the first time. However, the Legal Services Board (LSB) believes it is highly unlikely that all the orders required to have the Solicitors Regulation Authority in place as an ABS regulator on 6th October will make it through Parliament in time. So there will be a delay but this is expected to be weeks rather than months.Various statutory instruments have to be laid before Parliament to bring the ABS regime into being and designate the SRA as

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Abuse at Care Homes

Philip Molden Jun 1 2011

BBC Reporter Joe Casey reports on Care Abuse at Winterbourne. This is exactly why we've invested in creating an impartial feedback system for the care home and adult health market.We're already working with Care Homes to help them improve their systems and processes where we can and inform the general public on the good care homes.For instance, Aronel Cottage is a excellent care home and has over 50 impartial reviews through The Disc to support themselves.Truecare, based in the New Forest see using an impartial company to collect feedback as the only way forward as people can be very candid an

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Philip Molden May 18 2011

Care providers in the adult care and support sector can now get feedback on their services after a tie-up up between two businesses based in the has joined forces with Working Feedback to provide a comprehensive system for care providers nationwide which will help them to achieve a key Care Quality Commission requirement for collecting customer already provides a wide range of services to businesses in the care sector across the country as well as helping people looking for particular services to find what they need close to where they need it.W

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Legal Profession Compliance Client feedback and co

Philip Molden May 16 2011

The forthcoming ‘outcome focused regulation' changes from the SRA will see measurement of client satisfaction become an integral part of regulatory compliance, and not just for those firms seeking Lexcel accreditation.Regular client surveys are a key tool for evaluating client satisfaction, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and highlighting new sales opportunities. But they are time consuming and take up internal resources and time that could be used more productively.To put the need for this service in context the proposed regulatory changes will see client satisfaction move sharply up th

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01865 522337 - Rip Off

Philip Molden Mar 17 2011

My father was phoned today from a company claiming to be windows technicians saying thay needed him to go onto his computer as his warranty had run out and fill out some forms, my father happily said he could not do it and they left a phone number 01865 522337.I phoned them back and asked them a few questions and had the phone put down on me, they would not tell me who they were, their address so please be aware.Amazingly they phoned me back, and asked me to login to after asking a few more questions, admitted they were based in Banbury, they again put the phone down on me. I w

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Krispy Kreme recieves over 50 Testimonials

Philip Molden Feb 16 2011

We are really happy to announce that Krispy Kreme has now recieved over fifty in just a few short weeks.They have shown some excellent customer service skills and must be very proud of their staff.The choice on the most favourite doughnut is still up in the air.Follow them on twitter and you could win a dozen doughnuts.

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Postal Scam For christmas

Philip Molden Nov 19 2010

We have been made aware of this Postal Scam. The Trading Standards Office are making people aware of the following scam:A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (a Premium rate number).DO NOT call this number, as this is a mail scam originating from Belize.If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 for the phone call.If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact R

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Rose Road Childrens Appeal

Philip Molden Nov 19 2010

Rose Road Newsletter Pink     NatWest Community Rose Road! NatWest have just launched their new Community Fund project which aims to financially support hundreds of local charities. There are two stages to the project, nomination and then voting.I am pleased to announce that two of our applications have been accepted and because of your nominations last month both are being put forward to the next stage! The first project will help us to fund a variety of new soft play equipment for our children, the second will help us to fu

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ActionCOACH Kevin Stansfield Testimonial Video

Philip Molden Nov 2 2010

The Disc is very proud to publish a video testimonial on the benefits in using The Disc by award winning Hampshire business ActionCOACH Kevin Stansfield.The endorsement by Kevin is very satisfying as we are still evolving the company and working with ActionCOACH has helped us sharpen our business focus.We look forward to working with more coaches to ensure that they recieve the same advantages.Philip MoldenOperations & Finance DirectorThe Disc

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Wordpress Feed Works like a dream

Philip Molden Oct 28 2010

We are very happy to announce that our wordpress feed is now up and running, so it is even easier to keep up to date with your testimonials.Our customers are saying that it saves so much time and money and more importantly they can see the impact on their search engine results."What a wonderful, Quick and easy way of raising your profile on the internet. Really impressed and the level of customer service has very much improved." Lynn G&L Maintenance, Portsmouth

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Marketing that works for Accountants

Philip Molden Oct 26 2010

Case Study - Alliott Wingham Chartered AccountantsAlliott Wingham Limited is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Southern Hampshire. The firm can trace its history back to Barnard & Co, a firm which started in 1948. As with many firms, they have undergone changes over the years and currently operate out of Fareham.They are forward thinking, focusing on forecasting and decision-making on behalf of their clients. Director Mark Nolan says "in the past we did receive referrals but left it to our clients rather than asking them; the same applied with testimonials as we did not know

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ActionCOACH Gary Mullins wins Best Recommendation

Philip Molden Oct 14 2010

The Disc is delighted to announce that ActionCOACH's Brad Sugars has awarded the prize of a complimentary weekend hotel stay for Two to ActionCOACH Gary Mullins for Portsmouth achieving the best recommendation from a client. This was judged from over 500 testimonials received on UK ActionCOACH business coaches.Gary is very happy with the accolade and says "If you deliver great service and work hard for your clients then rewards such as these are very welcome."It is good to be associated with The Disc as their service really does make a difference to both me as a coach and my clients

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UK Sales Agents Required

Philip Molden Jun 10 2010

An exceptional opportunity exists for UK Sales Agents required immediately.The Disc provides a bespoke feedback service for clients giving them a solid platform from which to develop and market their business through referrals, recommendations and confidential constructive criticism. See the corporate brochureThe Disc continues to innovate and has just become an IBM Business Partner which in itself will create significant opportunities.Having operated successfully along the South Coast for the past two years, The Disc is now UK wide and seeks professional agents to bring on board new clients o

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Web Visitors are UP

Philip Molden May 25 2010

We constantly measure our web visits and through the leading tool Alexa.We have:-Moved up over 230,000 positionsOur reach has gone up by 40% Pageviews are up by 518% Pageviews by user 330%Bounce rate is down by 31%Time on site over 303% increase.Top 7,000 sites in the UK moved over 23,000 places All of this in just three months.This is correct as of 25/05/2010, this means nothing to you we would understand, but what it means is The Disc Directory is reaching more people than ever and growing rapidly.Phone us now on 0800 0432100 to find ou

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Easily Win New Business Seminar

Philip Molden May 17 2010

We are really proud to be doing our first seminar, this year and have been able to secure Steve Jones and Tony Treacy as speakers as they are leaders in their respective fields.Please look at Marketing really does work

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Social Media leaving you behind?

Philip Molden Mar 25 2010

87% of SMEs in the UK don’t know where to start when it comes to using the social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook for their business.If your business feels as though it’s being left behind in the social media frenzy; speak to The Disc; not only does it help your profile for social media but it also auto feeds your testimonials directly on to Twitter and LinkedIn, so that you don’t have to.Find out how The Disc works with social media:, contact The Disc team on 0800 043 2100.

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South Hampshire Meet the Buyers 2010

Philip Molden Mar 16 2010

Wednesday 24th March, East Horton Golf ClubThe South Hampshire Meet the Buyers 2010 event will bring together over 25 major buyers who are currently looking for new sources of supply.Massive savings in your time! Wednesday 24th March, East Horton Golf ClubThe South Hampshire Meet the Buyers 2010 event will bring together over 25 major buyers who are currently looking for new sources of supply.Massive savings in your time! By attending this event you will:Meet face to face with major private and public sector buyers for private pre arranged sales appointments. These buyers are actively looking

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Phoenix FM Radio & The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Feb 18 2010

The Disc has just started a 3 month radio advertising radio campaign on Brentwood and Billericay's community radio station Phoenix 98.0FM.Philip Molden, the disc's Director said of the campaign 'it's exciting to be working alongside such an active community radio station as Phoenix FM and raising our awareness within the Brentwood area. Local businesses really get involved with Phoenix and to be associated with this will help our profile'.The Disc Directory is all about directing users to find recommended businesses and Phoenix FM has a captive audience within the Essex area.For further detail

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Bartercard Top Trader of The Month

Philip Molden Jan 27 2010

The Disc Directory was the proud recipient of December's Top Trader award at Bartercard Dorset's Award event.The award which is achievement for the most trade within the Bartercard area was accepted by Philip Molden, Director at The Disc Directory 'a great end to 2009 which culminated by helping numerous local companies to generate more business for themselves through the UK's fastest growing online business directory. We plan to be the recipient of this for each & every month throughout the whole of the Bartercard brokerages in the UK'.

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Win a Balloon Trip for Two

Philip Molden Jan 14 2010

Fly High with The Disc Directory Throughout January and February, leave an online review about a business on and you’ll be entered into a FREE draw to win a trip for two on a hot air balloon. The more recommendations left the better your chances; so pass it on and share your experiences with the rest of the UK. Please forward to family, friends and work colleagues as they could ask you to go with them. To leave feedback just click on the balloon and start reviewing. Good luck and happy reviewing The Disc Directory Re

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Gritting Salt that doesn't cost the Earth

Philip Molden Jan 8 2010

As the bad weather prevails, it's not just the basics like bread and milk that are in short supply. Gritting Salt has become the ‘must have' necessity of the moment with demand to clear the roads and paths reaching an all time high.The price of grit has rocketed up from £97 to over £200 per tonne, this is an amazing price hike.With local councils struggling to meet the intense demand yet Hampshire company Wastemasters based in Fareham has an abundance of very effective 5mm Grit for sale.We all want to be safe and putting the small 5mm grit down will go some way towards saving any b

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Bournemouth's Hope FM Radio Campaign

Philip Molden Dec 16 2009

The disc directory is currently running a 3 month radio advertising radio campaign on Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch's community radio station Hope FM 90.1.Philip Molden, the disc's Director said of the campaign 'we are excited to be supporting Hope FM and raising our awareness within the Bournemouth area. The station has a diverse mix of music and audience which is ideal for the discerning users of the disc directory'.The disc directory is all about directing users to find recommended businesses and Bournemouth is amongst the leading commercial centres within the South West.For further

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Bartercard Helps Your Business

Philip Molden Dec 10 2009

How do you grow your business on a national scale with a limited budget? You become a Bartercard trader!When the disc directory went national in May 2009 it wanted to be able to market itself to consumers and businesses. A bold move in such tough economic conditions but Bartercard helped by taking pressure off actual cash spend. Philip Molden of the disc directory said ‘we were able to carry out a full marketing programme by using fellow Bartercard members throughout the country. Everything from radio advertising to billboards are available on Barter which meant that we could get extensive cov

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Portsmouth's Most Recommended Garage

Philip Molden Nov 18 2009

We all have a favourite garage or mechanic; where you know both you and your car will be looked after impeccably. Such garages keep customers for years, servicing and maintaining car after car.These are the kind of garages that we all need to know about and The Disc Directory is where you find them.One such garage is Drive-In Automotive, which proudly boasts to be Portsmouth's ‘Most Recommended' garage. In fact, it is on the directory, with dozens of recommendations highlighting their care, honesty and value when it comes to looking after their customers.Mario and Bob who run the garage always

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The Disc Directory - Video Testimonials

Philip Molden Oct 29 2009

If you thought that The Disc Directory was yet another online directory….think again! A sample of customers explain why it works for their businesses.Garage (Drive-In Automotive) Testimonial - click hereRecruitment Consultant (Select Appointments) Testimonial - click hereWindow Cleaner (Hi-Glass Window Cleaning) Testimonial - click hereBuilder (G & L Maintenance) Testimonial - click herePhotographer (Rob Paul Studios) Testimonial - click hereTo understand a little more about The Disc Directory and how it provides a referral and recommendation service for businesses; watch the founders John

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Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project

Philip Molden Oct 14 2009

The Disc Directory is delighted to being taking part in the placement of a group of Polish students.From 12th to 23rd October, a group of 16 Polish students from Technikum nr 2 Kartuzy, Poland are carrying out work placements in companies throughout Portsmouth. They are part of the Leonardo da Vinci mobility project. Agata Górna is working at The Disc Directory throughout this time and working on marketing and administrative duties.

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The New Google 'Caffeine'

Philip Molden Sep 27 2009

Google has started testing their new search engine, under the codename "Caffeine"You can link to it hereThe speed is amazing, we have found it to be twice as fast, we are looking into other areas such as search relevance, accuracy and index size.If you want to know more please revisit our site where we will keep updates as we discover more.If you need some further advice, please contact our recommended web designers, such as Sardine Design , Mind Over Matter

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Phone Scam

Philip Molden Sep 18 2009

We have been reliably informed of a new Phone Scam:-The new telephone 'scam' has arrived. I received a call from a 'representative' of BT, informing me that he was dis-connecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00 , or it would be £ 118.00 to re-connect at a later date.The guy wasn't even fazed when I told him I was with Virgin Media, allegedly VM have to pay BT a percentage for line rental!I asked the guy's name - the very 'English' John Peacock with a very 'African' accent - & phone number - 0800 0800 152. Obviously the fella realized I

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Win a £225 listing on The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Sep 9 2009

How about winning something that will actually benefit your business? Each week, The Disc Directory is giving away listings to businesses worth £225.Where's the catch?Actually, there isn't one! All you need to do is leave feedback on a business that you've used and would recommend. Every time you leave feedback*, you're included in the draw.Here's how to do it: Find a business that you've used anywhere in the UK Leave feedback about them Find them here If you're stuck on who to recommend; just think of the businesses that supply you, for example your web developer, printing company, tel

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Are you in 'The List'?

Philip Molden Sep 8 2009

This is the latest list of recommended companies and we are proud to announce Rob Paul Studios is the first company to enter the 200 Club.So you know where to go to get a recommended company.Hi-Glass Windows are doing a leaflet drop at the moment and he used a few of his recommendations on the back of his leaflet, his response rate is up higher than before and is very happy with us, if you would like to see an example please let us know.Recommend another company to us and you will both recieve a 10% discount in our new loyalty scheme, email and help another company

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Select Bournemouth joins the 100 Club

Philip Molden Aug 14 2009

The Disc Directory is very proud to welcome Select Appointments Bournemouth into the '100 Club', as they've now accumulated over 100 recommendations from their clients and candidates.This really does show their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; to read their reviews and see why they're so successful please see feedback has also been recognised by Google, for example, type in 'Select Appointments Bournemouth' and you'll see The Disc Directory on the first page along with the text from a recommendation! (see search results here)The 100th piece o

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Southern Property Finder now with Feedback

Philip Molden Aug 12 2009

For the first time within an online property website, the public is to benefit from the introduction of a feedback facility on estate and letting agents.The relaunched highlights recommended agents as well as introducing a quality control system for their customer service and marketing through the feedback facility.For a minimal monthly subscription, members of Southern Property Finder (SPF) can enhance their web visibility by being promoted as recommended on both SPF and"As a leading estate and letting agent portal, Southern Property

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Cheltenham's Online Directory is Launched

Philip Molden Jul 29 2009

For the first time, Cheltenham Borough Council has launched an online business directory, with a new, searchable database of over four thousand local businesses.The directory - called the Cheltenham Local Business Directory - showcases some of the very best businesses in the area.The new service, designed by The Disc Directory, will include some unique features not seen before, such as interactive maps for members of council run scheme, Cheltenham Business Pride, and a pre-paid recommendation card where customers can feedback their experiences to other users.In addition, the directory will be

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Recommended Self Defence & Martial Arts

Philip Molden Jul 13 2009

For fitness, discipline and self defence, martial arts are ideal for children of all ages and adults looking to improve themselves.There is no stronger recommendation than Word of mouth about the clubs to use. One such club is Crown Tae Kwon Do Federation (CTF) who runs a number of highly regarded Tae Kwon Do classes throughout Kent.For further detail: Martial Arts in Biggin Hill, Martial Arts in Bromley, Martial Arts in Sidcup, Martial Arts in Tonbridge.Win more business and get recommended through The Disc Directory.

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Swine Flu drives up Directory searches

Philip Molden Jul 10 2009

The recent news regarding swine flu in the UK and its worrying increase in reported cases has seen a significant increase in online searches within The Disc Directory.Since the most recently reported cases, the Care & Health section has registered a 500% increase in traffic. The categories of Doctors and Private Healthcare are those receiving the most visits with emphasis on those areas that have been affected, such as Doctors in North Weald and Doctors in Battersea.The advice, as always, is that those needing further advice or treatment should always contact their GPs directly or NHS Swin

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UK Sales Agents Required

Philip Molden Jul 9 2009

An exceptional marketing opportunity for you and your clients.UK Sales Agents required immediately.The Disc Directory is not just another online business directory but one that is unique. It is established and proven to be effective with an auditable trail allowing businesses to measure the benefits. Our unique recommendation service promises that they will win more business.Having operated successfully along the South Coast for the past two years, we have now expanded across the UK and seek professional agents to bring on board new clients; every type of business can use and benefit from this

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Small Businesses suffer from Debtors

Philip Molden Jul 3 2009

Late payments to small businesses have never been more prominent than in today's economic climate. According to a recent European Commission report late payments contribute to a quarter of all business failures.For advice on debt recovery, speak to a professional that can collect money on your behalf without charging you a small fortune for the honour.The Disc Directory works by word of mouth referrals so try two Southern based businesses Debt Recovery in Bexleyheath and Debt Recovery in Portsmouth.

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Make an Estate Agents day

Philip Molden Jul 1 2009

It really is starting to get better when it comes to the property market; month on month sales are up but more importantly prices are down, so there's never been a better time to jump on the property market.In figures produced in March 2009 by; year some cities have seen a steeper decline in prices than others. Cardiff showed a big drop with prices down almost 19% followed by Brighton at 18.2% and leafy Tonbridge, Kent by 17.4%.So, to snap up those deals find the recommended estate agents to use in The Disc Directory. For Estate Agents in Cardiff, Estate Agents in Brighton and

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Advertisers Seeing Results from The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Jun 18 2009

As a newly launched online national business directory, The Disc Directory is buoyant by the business coming through the directory.Having taken the leap from regional to national, enquiries for companies advertising within the directory are being generated at a rapid pace. The major search engines such as Google & Yahoo are taking the extensive directory very seriously and indexing the site thoroughly making people much more aware of The Disc Directory.Director Philip Molden said of the progress to date "It's extremely encouraging news from our local advertisers, who tell us that business

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Curves Really Stand Out on The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Jun 15 2009

Health and fitness centre Curves is ensuring that their ladies only fitness and weight control clubs stay way in front as the places to join.For the past two years, Gym in Waterlooville and Gyms in Portsmouth have maintained the reputation as the most recommended health and fitness clubs throughout the region. Not surprisingly, achieving such status doesn't come easily and they have worked tirelessly to ensure that their members regularly feedback on the levels of service and more importantly whether they would recommend Curves to their friends and colleagues.Curves Waterlooville and Portsmout

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Your Customers are your Best Salespeople

Philip Molden Jun 14 2009

Many smaller businesses don't understand just how influential customers are. Your customers are the ones that do the real marketing for businesses; if they're pleased they praise you but if not they'll scorn you.At home and in work we all listen to customers.On The Disc Directory, customers tell us how good a business is, which in turn allows everyone else to share that experience. The Disc Directory highlights those businesses that customers want to praise.If you were looking to use a business and had to decide between a recommended one and one that you knew nothing about; which one would you

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Show Recommendations on your own website

Philip Molden Jun 11 2009

Businesses on The Disc Directory now have the ability to show the recommendations they receive on their own websites. Available to both free and paid for listings the ‘badge' prominently displays your company name and the stars achieved through recommendations. Clicking on the badge then takes users directly to the feedback.It's the ideal opportunity to show what customers have said about you through an impartial source but within your own website. For further details, find your business and then click on the ‘Is this your company?' icon; then follow the on-screen instructions.A good example i

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Cheltenham Borough Council Directory "NOW LIVE"

Philip Molden Jun 8 2009

The latest economic development initiative by Cheltenham Borough Council in supporting its business community has been developed by The Disc Directory, it is: online business directory helps local B2C and B2B users to find Cheltenham businesses of all descriptions; uniquely it also allows positive feedback to be shown against companies providing reassurance to users and adding real value to those companies that stand out by recommendation. In the case of Cheltenham, their existing ‘Business Pride' site, with a membership of 350 companies, is be enhanced. The new site now has

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National site brings sea change for good companies

Philip Molden May 27 2009

Now covering the whole of the UK, The Disc Directory allows good business whether small or large to stand out to customers for the right reasons.The Disc Directory has introduced both regional and national listings (see Select Appointments example) for those companies not restricted to a smaller geographical area. This means that companies can be highlighted through the quality of their service rather than high advertising spend.Operations Director Philip Molden says "After just two years of running The Disc Directory, UK coverage is a significant milestone for us. We are now able to attract t

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The Disc Directory team win Parker Cup

Philip Molden May 4 2009

Shelford Rovers were 2-1 winners of Meon Valley's Football League Parker Cup Final on Sunday 3 May played at Fareham Town FC.As sponsors of Shelford Rovers, The Disc Directory congratulates all of the team in its success in the final by beating Division 3 league champions Wickham Dynamos.Congratulations go to first half goal scorers Darren Joseph and Danny Banks and Team Manager Chris Heir who also remains on top as Portsmouth's most recommended removals company Heirs of Portsmouth.

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There's a buzz out there but it's not the bees!

Philip Molden Apr 21 2009

Whilst the bees and the beekeeping fraternity are having a rotten time of things at present, we at The Disc Directory are sure that they will make a healthy recovery. Nevertheless, the buzz in the air still continues.Could it be that The Disc Directory, the online buzzness directory with recommendations is going national?From bumble…we mean humble beginnings in Portsmouth, the pollination is almost complete and the directory is just about to launch to cover 2 million buzznesses throughout the UK. For companies out there looking for effective ways of advertising with purpose, look at The Disc

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Test Valley launches 21st century online business

Philip Molden Mar 31 2009

Test Valley Borough Council has launched a new online, searchable database of over 4,900 businesses throughout the borough. The directory which is now live on the council's current website has been developed in partnership with The Disc Directory, an online business directory provider.The Council, which is committed to supporting local enterprise, has taken a major step in providing a technologically advanced business directory offering a free listing to every business in the Test Valley borough.An outstanding feature of the online business directory is the ability fo

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CORGI replaced by Gas Safety Register

Philip Molden Mar 2 2009

From 1 April 2009, the CORGI gas standard will no longer exist. The CORGI shield was the logo that many consumers looked for reassurance when using a recommended plumber or recommended central heating engineer . The Gas Safe Register replaces CORGI and is there to protect consumers from unsafe gas work. Being a Gas Safe Register engineer shows they are competent and safe to work with gas. If you're looking to use any companies for gas work through The Disc Directory, make sure that they come highly recommended and are members of the new Gas Safe Register. Don't take a risk, use the Disc!

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If a job is worth doing - use The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Feb 23 2009

It's always very heartening to receive feedback about good, recommended businesses through The Disc Directory. This is even more relevant when the feedback comes after a direct result of being told of a problem and the company acting on it and then rectifying it.This is what happened with Portsmouth Window Cleaner Hi Glass Window Cleaning who received a comment to say that the job was not carried out to the customers complete satisfaction. As soon as this was flagged up, Hi Glass Window Cleaning made sure that it was dealt with.To their credit, Hi Glass Window Cleaning then received update

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Davies Developments Adds Punch to Paper Advertisin

Philip Molden Feb 2 2009

Portsmouth builders Davies Developments included their top ranking within their paper advertising and added a real punch.As one of the most recommended builders in the region, Davies Developments took the opportunity to tell the rest of Portsmouth by including The Disc Directory within their advert published in The News on 30 January 2009. See what makes Davies Developements stand out so well by clicking Builders in Portsmouth .

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Wanted Accomplished Sales Agents - as we're tired

Philip Molden Feb 1 2009

If you're amongst the Prince or Princesses of Sales, then The Disc Directory wants to hear from you.The directory is going national and looking to fill regions with good, hardworking sales agents. It is commission based but with what we're offering you could forgive us for that.Wanted immediately are agents for the Portsmouth Directory , Southampton Directory and Bournemouth Directory areas. Please see our Hampshire Sales Jobs page for further details.Contact: Philip Molden 0800 043 2100

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Estate Agents Searches Doubles In January

Philip Molden Jan 28 2009

The Disc Directory monitors its searches and saw a significant downturn in Estate Agents in Portsmouth and Estate Agents in Southampton during the last quarter of 2008, but with three days to go the number of searches has doubled.This shows there are people moving and this could be the first signs, there is some positive news at long last.

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T G Services - Southampton's Most Recommended Gara

Philip Molden Jan 25 2009

Southampton garage T G Services has achieved the accolade of one of the Top 50 ‘Most Recommended' businesses in the Southampton region. From over 13,000 Southampton companies, the Woolston based garage secured the Number 20 spot in The Disc Directory's Top 50 Most recommended Southampton businesses .Established in 1991, T G Services successfully combines the customer care and attention to detail of a ‘local' garage with the facilities of a fully diagnostic service and MOT centre in Southampton .They are also amongst a very select number of Southampton garages to have achieved the ‘Buy With

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Keep up the good work and get rewarded especially

Philip Molden Jan 20 2009

It's official, the country is in recession . Whilst those of us who are not economists could have told you that three months ago, the scaremongering continues to spread.There is no doubt that businesses are suffering and literally trying to keep their heads above the water whilst at the same time fighting off the sharks.One thing that businesses must not do in times such as these is to pull back completely from marketing, thinking that those intangible costs are less important for the survival of the company.By all means review and pull apart your marketing spend but focus on what can help yo

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74% of People prefer to use a Recommended Business

Philip Molden Jan 10 2009

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to figure out why a company with recommendations has the advantage over one without. When you consider that this is the ideal choice for almost three quarters of consumers, The Disc Directory is the perfect vehicle for both consumers to find such businesses and for companies to sign up to.Research conducted by The Disc Directory shows that 74% of people prefer to use a company that has been recommended to them. Whilst this is probably no surprise to readers, it is still puzzling why, especially with the current downturn, people continue choose a busi

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THE Companies to use in Southampton

Philip Molden Jan 7 2009

The definitive list of Top 50 most recommended Southampton companies is about to be published. With some surprise inclusions, the table contains just about every service that both the public and businesses will need throughout the Southampton region.The competition was fierce amongst the companies and of particular interest is that both the number 1 & 2 top rated businesses (as well as number 11) are Polish. From Southampton Car Dealers to Southampton Restaurants , the range of categories is broad with a common thread; that of great, acknowledged customer service. The Top 10 throughout

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Portsmouth's Finest Companies

Philip Molden Dec 22 2008

The definitive list of the Top 50 most recommended Portsmouth businesses has just been published. With some surprise inclusions, the table contains just about every service that both the public and businesses will need throughout the Portsmouth region.The competition was fierce amongst the companies and the top rated business achieved its number one status through literally receiving hundreds of recommendations from its satisfied customers.From Portsmouth Airport Transfers (Premier Travel) to Portsmouth Waste Disposal services (Clarks Clearance), the range of categories is broad with a c

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The Disc Directory becomes one of Southampton's to

Philip Molden Dec 8 2008

Southampton has a new destination attracting consumers and businesses alike. The award winning souvenir game ‘Destination Southampton' out now, includes The Disc Directory as a prime location within Southampton. Other landmarks on the board game include Breeze Volkswagen , Coffin Mew , Hendy Group , West Quay Shopping Centre and the Grape's Pub to name but a few.Operations Director Philip Molden said ‘we're delighted to have been included as a main Southampton destination. Whilst The Disc Directory may not be as well known yet, we're already playing big a part in promoting Southampton throu

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The Disc Directory to take site national with furt

Philip Molden Nov 19 2008

National expansion plans for The Disc Directory are now well underway after receiving a second tranche of funding from Finance South East (FSE) .The funding will take the online business directory The Disc Directory to cover the whole of the UK with a database of over 2.3 million companies. The national website is expected to go live on 1 January 2009.The Disc Directory has received two stages of funding and business support from FSE's Accelerator Fund; the first in early 2008 to help develop the company's market position and the second more recently to build its national presence.John Pemb

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Bartercard members now able to spend Trade £

Philip Molden Nov 18 2008

Bartercard members can now highlight their businesses with Trade £s within The Disc Directory.The initiative coincides with the national launch of The Disc Directory in early 2009. The recommendations driven business directory helps all businesses take advantage of their most valuable asset - customer satisfaction. Customers make companies stand out through word of mouth and who wouldn't use a recommended business over ones you know nothing about.Philip Molden, Director at The Disc Directory commented ‘We are delighted to be working with Bartercard and its members; it's yet another f

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Google Search Engine Success

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

Google visits to The Disc Directory exceed 100,000 in one monthThe Disc Directory has been close to achieving the 100,000 mark for the last few months and we're delighted to have reached one of our milestones, three months earlier than expected.We are creating quality leads for our customers who have a competitive advantage through their recommendations, allowing them compete on-line better than ever before.Reproduced from The Disc Directory ebulletin

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The Disc Directory to go National

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

National coverage is soon to be available, please phone us now on 0800 043 2100 for availability.Beat the rest and secure the listing on either a regional or national level, launch offers are now available. The rate card pricing for National & Regional advertising is far more cost efficient than both Yellow Pages and Thomson Local guaranteed.Reproduced from The Disc Directory ebulletin

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Ask your customers for feedback!

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

You never know, customers may give you some constructive ideas in the 'What could they do better' section!For instance, someone left the following comments for a business:‘Getting through on the phone could sometimes have been better, but they did always phone back.'If this was your business, what's the first thing you would do? This is one of the areas where The Disc Directory differs by giving you feedback that can help you change something for the better in your business.(Any feedback left within this section remains confidential to your business and not shared with the public.)Reproduced f

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Are your Sales People Making the Most of your Reco

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

We were recently visited by a sales person from one of our advertisers who was not aware that their company had lots of recommendations on our website. We asked why and they said they did not know!If you want to win more business, use your testimonials on The Disc Directory. We all know that recommendations sell, especially when they come from a third party; it's that simple.Reproduced from The Disc Directory ebulletin

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Winchester businesses get even more

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

The Disc Directory now supplies Winchester City Council with their online business directory, please visit Winchester based companies are entitled to a Buy one Get one Free offer, an enhanced listing in The Disc Directory gets you same on the Winchester City Council site at no extra cost. What could be better?Phone The Disc Directory now: 0800 043 2100Reproduced from The Disc Directory ebulletin

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Mentor Magic Final delivers double winners

Philip Molden Nov 13 2008

At today's final, the climax of the three heats ended with joint winners: JPA Ltd - a dementia management system to improve care by assessing everything from the care building itself to the job satisfaction of its staff, as well as providing training across the industry. Grasshopper - an organic instant porridge company, making small disposable tubs of creamy, flavoured porridge.Organised by the Portsmouth and SE Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, the eight-month-long entrepreneurship challenge saw 12 radically different businesses competing to with a chance of winning a year's free mentoring f

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Joe the Plumber is on The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Oct 15 2008

At a time when struggling US presidential candidate John McCain is trying to associate himself with Joe the plumber perhaps he should have searched on The Disc Directory first; he would have discovered plenty to associate himself with.There are literally hundreds of them on The Disc Directory and many of them recommended which means that you can really put your faith in a business or service without wondering what kind of plumber Joe really is and will he do a good job!When customers start recommending businesses to help you source a business you know you're on to good thing. After all, wh

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21st century business directory for Winchester

Philip Molden Sep 16 2008

The Disc Directory has partnered Winchester City Council to launch a new, searchable database of over 6,000 businesses based in the district.The Council, which is committed to supporting local enterprise, has taken a major step in providing a technologically advanced business directory which offers a free listing to every business in the Winchester District. The directory becomes more useful for both consumers and businesses each time it is used, setting it apart from the kind of directories produced in the past. The outstanding function of The Disc Directory's online business directory for

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Advertisers predict growth in online ad spend

Philip Molden Sep 16 2008

Advertisers predict online ad spend will continue to maintain growth over the next two years, according to research from the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) .Some 81% of advertisers claim their online ad spend has grown in 2008 and believe it will continue over the next two years. The research also revealed 82% of those who had seen an increase in online ad spend admitted taking it directly from print media (40%), TV (39%) and direct marketing (32%) budgets. It also found 73% are increasing their use of online as an ad medium, compared with 31% of advertisers decreasing th

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The Mentor Magic heat winner plans to party even m

Philip Molden Sep 5 2008

As always, it was a close run contest at last night's Mentor Magic final heat but the winner emerged as Butlers2go , a service that provides gorgeous hunky butlers for that special occasion.As a sponsor at the Chamber's MentorMagic , The Disc Directory offers the heat winner a free year's enhanced listing, which in turn helps them to stand out even more to potential customers. Through The Disc Directory, Butlers2go can now increase their profile by showing what satisfied customers have said and why people should use Butlers2go over and above any competitors.The other contestants presenting w

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Who will win the last heat of Mentor Magic?

Philip Molden Aug 19 2008

As a sponsor in MentorMagic , The Disc Directory wishes all the contestants the best of luck in the final heat of MentorMagic which takes place on 4 September at the University of Portsmouth Business School from 5.45pm.The chosen presenters are Butlers2go, Computer Assets, Nitenumbers and E-Lifestyle.The four companies will present to the entrepreneurs who include Colin Potter, who built Uniworld from a back bedroom to £24m turnover before selling three years ago, Denise Bryant, who built Integris before selling to global IT company Magirus, Paul Barry-Walsh, Chief Executive of The Fred

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Hairdressing - a cut above the rest in The Disc Di

Philip Molden Aug 12 2008

The Disc Directory is delighted to be working alongside the Good Salon Guide and Good Barbers Guide in promoting those who have been independently assessed and achieved a quality rating.When consumers look for a good salon or barber, The Disc Directory will highlight the guides' accreditation and the rating achieved. This gives further peace of mind in using a hairdresser.The Good Salon Guide was launched in 1991 in response to consumer demand and is the only independent guide to standards in hairdressing in the UK and Ireland, with full details on over 2,000 professional salons available o

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the tru

Philip Molden Aug 11 2008

Now and again The Disc Directory likes a little irony; especially when it's welcoming a local company to the ranks of becoming a recommended business within the region. People use directories to find businesses whereas the Southampton based company that has just joined us focuses on finding people! Eye to I Investigators Ltd is here in Southampton and deals with more than just finding people. Did you realise that:• 75% of Matrimonial matters are dealt with by a Private Investigator in collaboration with a Solicitor? • 55% of Works or Traffic Accidents are also dealt with, by Private & Accid

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Good Bournemouth businesses should add their detai

Philip Molden Aug 8 2008

Any business within the Bournemouth region believing their customers would recommend them should ensure that they are on The Disc Directory, the Bournemouth business directory . It's where good, trusted businesses are highlighted through customer recommendations.Check whether your business is on The Disc Directory, if not, make sure you add your details for free .The Disc Directory has proven that the formula of recommendations works for businesses, as opposed to other local advertising such as the Bournemouth Echo where all you get is a static advert which adds no value whatsoever when ch

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Coming Soon - recommended businesses throughout Bo

Philip Molden Aug 3 2008

Anyone looking for a good, trustworthy business in the Bournemouth region will soon be able to visit to find one. Selecting a local business from a directory has always been a haphazard process as the only criterion to date has been the size and look of an advert. Such practices have led to the large number of unscrupulous companies and rogue traders who simply set up under a different company name as and when required.The Disc Directory is changing the way that people use a directory when sourcing any type of business. It works on word of mouth, by using the tes

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Scaffolders hope to reach the heights of Most Reco

Philip Molden Aug 2 2008

Current Working at Height regulations have opened up a whole new market for scaffolding companies, where scaffolding was once the preserve of large building projects, it's now more commonplace (and affordable) to have scaffolding for domestic projects as well as commercial.Either way, if you're looking for a good Hampshire scaffolding company in the Portsmouth or Southampton regions you'd be best advised to find them on The Disc Directory. Rather than sourcing any old Tom, Dick or Harry through an advert in Yell or The PhoneBook, find the recommended ones in The Disc Directory. This means

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Rest assured all our content is vetted

Philip Molden Jul 31 2008

With worrying news stories about unvetted content on websites, YouTube comes under criticism suggesting it must do more to vet its content.This kind of feedback can never be targeted at The Disc Directory, as all content is vetted before it goes live on the website. This is particularly important as their content involves recommendations, which all go towards helping people to find good local businesses.Of the 2000+ recommendations already left on the directory, some have failed to make it past the vetting process. Thankfully, they are few and far between as any defamatory or negative feedba

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When you're hard pressed to find good Ironing and

Philip Molden Jul 25 2008

It's full steam ahead when you're looking for a Portsmouth Ironing and Laundry Services business. The Disc Directory takes all of the creases and wrinkles out of using a company you know nothing about. For example, why not try The Ironing People based in Portsmouth.In the past, people have had to fly by the seat of their pants when using a local business as the choice has been limited to adverts in directories such as or ThomsonLocal . They're all well and good for finding a telephone number but ‘advert only' directories give you absolutely no idea as to the quality or reputati

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Local Couriers pick up recommendations by deliveri

Philip Molden Jul 23 2008

Delivery isn't just about packages and documents for couriers. Delivering a reliable and professional service is just as important, especially if you want to stand out on The Disc Directory as the courier to use.You're spoilt for choice when you search for couriers in either Portsmouth or Southampton as they're ones you can trust. If you want a good delivery, try any of the following couriers on The Disc Directory: KKM Deliveries , Starlight International , Fastway Couriers (Portsmouth) , Response Couriers Ltd , ANC Express , Openworld Logistics and G S Xpress .This is how it works on

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Atlanta 1886 John Pemberton created Coca Cola�. Po

Philip Molden Jul 14 2008

It only took 120 years but John Pemberton has invented a further product with very much the same ambitions as the original Coke .It's certainly not wet, brown and fizzy but The Disc Directory has got a lot of bottle in taking on the likes of Yellow Pages, ThomsonLocal and The Phone Book by promoting local businesses through an online directory that highlights the best businesses through the recommendations they've received. It's taken the ‘bigger is better (and more expensive)' mentality away from directory advertising to create a level playing field for ALL businesses by enabling businesses

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The Disc supports MentorMagic by helping winning b

Philip Molden Jul 10 2008

The Disc Directory is delighted to announce its participation as a sponsor in MentorMagic . As a great supporter of local businesses, The Disc Directory offers its congratulations to Jackie Poole of Jackie Pool Associates Ltd (JPA Ltd) who was declared the winner of heat two in a very close run contest on 9 July. Jackie now goes on to the final in November.As the winner of the heat JPA Ltd, receives a complimentary listing on The Disc Directory under Training Services .Jackie said ‘I was delighted to be named as the winner of heat 2 of MentorMagic last night and really enjoyed the whole expe

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Window Cleaners shine with customer recommendation

Philip Molden Jul 8 2008

Of the many services we all use regularly, window cleaning has to stand out as one that we really prefer to have recommended. There's nothing worse than being in the position of having a window cleaner that does an ‘okay' job but quite frankly makes you feel like you could do a better job!The Disc Directory has no such problem, as not only have we personally recommended one but their other customers are also more than willing to do so. The company Hi-Glass Window Cleaning covers the Portsmouth region extensively and carries out both domestic and commercial window cleaning.This type of busi

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The Disc supports the TJ Group of Companies' Benef

Philip Molden Jul 1 2008

Never wanting to miss out on a good cause, The Disc Directory is involved in the fundraiser on behalf of the The Beneficial Foundation . Both a golf day and gala dinner, The Disc Directory is delighted to sponsor the 18th Green at Cams Hall Estate Golf Club , Fareham and host a table at the evening event at the Hilton Hotel, Portsmouth.The TJ Group of companies who arranged the events on 18 July is a huge supporter of the charity. The Beneficial Foundation is a Portsmouth based Registered Charity, established over 27 years ago to provide education, training and rehabilitation to people of al

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The �Summer' Prize Draw for July & August

Philip Molden Jul 1 2008

Throughout July and August, all recommendations left on local businesses on The Disc Directory will be entered into a free prize draw. The prize includes a summer bouquet of flowers donated by Ultraviolet Flowers, Southsea and a Nintendo DS Lite game console. As one of the most recommended florists in the Portsmouth region, Ultraviolet Flowers has donated this prize for those leaving a recommendation on a local business within uses a local business they would love to shout about! The Disc Directory makes sure that your recommendation is there for everyone

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CORGI loses its gas installer registration status

Philip Molden Jun 18 2008

The Capita Group plc (Capita) has been selected by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as the preferred partner to operate a new gas installer registration scheme in Great Britain. The contract is expected to be valued at approximately £14 million per annum for a term of at least five years. Detailed contract negotiations are now underway.The new gas installer registration scheme, which will replace the current CORGI registration scheme , will deliver a renewed focus on gas safety. Its sole purpose will be to carry out gas installer registration, inspection and raise awareness of

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The Mini Disc is out and about

Philip Molden Jun 13 2008

You'll find it hard to miss the latest attention grabbing offering from The Disc Directory. The first of our very own branded company cars, ‘The Mini Disc'. In pepper white with the logo ‘liberally' sprinkled all over it ‘The Mini Disc' can be spotted throughout the Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth regions.Director, Philip Molden said of the latest addition ‘we wanted to spread the word about how people can find the most recommended local businesses and what better than eye catching mobile advertising, literally doing it on the job as our field sales representatives are visiting busines

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The local business directory with more than just t

Philip Molden Jun 4 2008

What's the point of a business directory with just names, addresses and telephone numbers? It's all well and good when you need to find the number for your local Chinese takeaway but for the more important decisions such as finding a decent MOT garage or trusted painter and decorator you're expected to pick one and hope that it turns out for the best. eBay trading has literally transformed the way that people do business online by including feedback which has helped consumers to understand the importance of recommendations. The Disc Directory has built on this idea and created an extensive lo

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Recommend a local business and win a family photo

Philip Molden Jun 2 2008

Throughout June, all recommendations left for local businesses on The Disc Directory will be entered into a free prize draw to win a family photo session worth £550 from Rob Paul Studios, Havant.As one of the most recommended photographers in the Portsmouth region, Rob Paul Studios has donated this prize for those leaving a recommendation on a local business exclusively within Simply find the business you want to praise and click on the recommend button. The Prize includes a fantastic photo shoot, a 20" by 24" framed print and a DVD disc of all the images with

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Polish businesses benefit in The Disc Directory

Philip Molden May 16 2008

The Polish community in and around Southampton can now search for trusted businesses within the new category of Polskie Firmy in The Disc Directory. As well as finding the businesses you can see what customers have said about them with recommendations in both English and Polish. It also means that we tell everyone who the best and most trusted Polish businesses are as we highlight them as the ‘Most Recommended'. It is estimated that the Polish community accounts for approximately 10% of the Southampton population which in itself creates a real demand for any business meeting the needs of thi

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You're covered with Martial Arts in Portsmouth

Philip Molden May 12 2008

If you're looking for anything to do with martial arts in Portsmouth; you couldn't be better placed than to find them on The Disc Directory.As well as sourcing what you're searching for you also find recommendations as to what kind of service they provide. The Disc Directory will show you who the most recommended providers are. For anything to do with martial arts we'd recommend Cowplain Martial Arts Academy for instruction and Legend Martial Arts for any supplies or equipmentHow do we know? Well, it's because their customers tell us by recommending them through our word of mouth facilit

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New Forest Business Partnership's online directory

Philip Molden May 2 2008

As part of its remit to support local businesses, New Forest Business Partnership (NFBP) , an organisation funded by New Forest District Council, is upgrading its online business directory . The new directory will now feature a recommendation function which allows users to leave feedback and recommend reliable and trustworthy businesses in the New Forest area. This unique functionality was developed by The Disc Directory , a south coast company which developed the technology and has to date launched an online business directory for Southampton and Portsmouth. NFBP has integrated the functi

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Portsmouth Motor Park

Philip Molden Apr 25 2008

The Disc Directory is listing Portsmouth Motor Park as we believe it is one of the best locations to buy a car in the UK. With dealerships like Snows BMW, Peter Cooper VW, Kings SEAT, Audi, Mini, Renault, Smart, Dodge, Chrysler, Mercedes all located within walking distance of each other. We ask you the public to leave reviews on these dealerships, good or bad. Please come to the site to see the results. We are an independent company and have achieved Buy With Confidence trading standard from Portsmouth City Council, this is the highest award you can achieve.Do not forget you can

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The Disc Directory tackles website for specialist

Philip Molden Apr 23 2008

Outside Centre Sports wanted to spread the word about their opening in Portsmouth.The store owners Gary and Michelle have been involved in local rugby for many years and know the needs of local rugby teams and players. Outside Centre Sports is the only specialist rugby shop in south Hampshire. They offer a range of services providing kit and equipment for clubs and players alike.They asked The Disc Directory to help by building their website to highlight the extensive range of rugby equipment. At the same time, their listing within the directory allowed customers to leave recommendations abou

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Suzie Starbuck has the edge in Garden Design

Philip Molden Apr 17 2008

As now is the prime season to start planning for your garden. The Disc Directory is delighted to welcome Suzie Starbuck Garden Designs in the Garden Landscapers category for Winchester & Eastleigh.Suzie Starbuck Garden Designs accept commissions for small urban spaces to large country gardens, Suzie blends contemporary design with classical elements to create tailored gardens of beauty, innovation & style. With lush & luxuriant planting clothing functional, practical design, let your garden be a haven for entertaining, play, relaxation.If you're looking for a recommended garden designer an

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Setting the trend for hairdressing in Southampton

Philip Molden Apr 11 2008

For those of you in Southampton looking for a good hairdresser, look no further than TrendSetters in The Disc Directory.Located in the City centre, Trendsetters specialises in weave on extensions for Afro and European hair and provides a wide range of products for hair and beauty care.The Disc Directory is delighted to welcome TrendSetters as the exclusive sponsored link ensuring that it's not just their hairdressing skill that makes them stand out when looking for hairdressers in Southampton .

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The Disc Directory presents Watermark with Best Re

Philip Molden Apr 9 2008

As a sponsor of The Best Bar None awards held on 9 April, The Disc Directory's John Pemberton was delighted to hand the best 'Restaurant' accolade to Watermark .John said of the 2008 awards 'yet another great Portsmouth initiative to guide people when looking for the best local restaurants. As well as the unique 'Word of Mouth' feedback The Disc Directory shows the 'Best Bar None' logo against any premises holding this standard of excellence, which only goes towards helping the public make an informed decision when looking for a great meal or night out'.

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The Best Way to Pick a Locksmith

Philip Molden Mar 21 2008

One of the most frustrating things when locked out of your house is trying finding a decent locksmith . Well, if you want someone you can trust who has been recommended by customers you couldn't go far wrong by choosing either A-C-Q Locksmiths or Southern Lock & Key from The Disc Directory.Their customers have made them two of the most personally recommended companies within Portsmouth and Southampton making the decision of who to use that much easier for you.Next time you need to pick a recommended locksmith or indeed any other trusted local business, find them by visiting The Disc Dir

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It's Curves that you want when choosing a local Gy

Philip Molden Mar 19 2008

When three local Curves gyms make it within the Top 50 of the most personally recommended companies in Portsmouth and Southampton you have to look at them seriously. Curves (Cowplain) , Curves (North End) and Curves (Eastleigh) all came highly recommended by their customers as serious contenders for ladies hoping to get into shape.The Disc Directory congratulates Curves on its success.

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The Disc Directory gives exposure to Local Photogr

Philip Molden Mar 17 2008

Rob Paul Studios in Havant stands out as a photographer highly recommended by its customers. You only need to look at the feedback left on The Disc Directory to see why they're at number four of the Top 50 most personally recommended companies in Portsmouth and Southampton.If you're looking for a studio photographer to deliver excellent shots use one with a reputation for quality - Rob Paul Studios .

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HWB Accountants make the numbers count as Most Rec

Philip Molden Mar 14 2008

Eastleigh based HWB Chartered Accountants make it into the Top 50 most personally recommended companies. In doing so, they become the only accountancy firm to make it in to this elite table of highly recommended businesses. This says a lot about an accountant that encourages clients to leave feedback on them.Choosing an accountant is an important decision and one made much easier by the ability to see recommendations on them; make the right choice by finding them through The Disc Directory.

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SBA Financial Ltd - Portsmouth's Personally Most R

Philip Molden Mar 14 2008

In March, The Disc Directory launched the first definitive table of the Top 50 most personally recommended businesses throughout Portsmouth & Southampton.This means that you know the local trusted businesses to use as they have already been recommended by other customers.Based in Cosham, Portsmouth SBA Financial Ltd is a family practice able to assist clients with every aspect of The Disc Directory congratulates financial and will advice. As well as their they pride themselves on customer service and this is what has helped them to become the number one local company from over 25,000 bu

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World first for The Disc Directory with launch of

Philip Molden Mar 13 2008

For the first time ever, consumers have direct access to an online rating of businesses in the region which have been personally recommended by previous customers.The idea is proving a huge success with both businesses and consumers and the very first Top 50 list of most personally recommended companies has just been launched. The Disc Directory has adapted the idea of social networking with its online directory where customers can rate and comment on any business in the area. The positive feedback is then available online with The Disc Directory reporting website hits up more than 300 per cen

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In My View...By John Pemberton of The Disc Directo

Philip Molden Feb 26 2008

Reproduced with kind permission of Southampton's Daily Echo:We've all experienced the difficulties of finding a reliable local business and I'm sure that most would agree that this supposedly simple task can be as challenging as looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many businesses out there to choose from and with no real knowledge on any of them, how are you supposed to make an informed decision and choose one business over another? The answer is you don't make an informed decision, in fact more often than not you'll be forced to take the gamble and call the first relevant compan

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The Disc Directory recommends LPGF

Philip Molden Feb 14 2008

Leepeckgreenfield (LPGF) loves working with established names but every so often a new boy comes onto the block whose business is so dynamic and enterprising, they just couldn't help but get excited and that is exactly how they felt when they won The Disc Directory account recently.The Disc Directory is an online business directory that, in just a few months, has become the fourth largest distributed directory in the UK. Its success is no fluke. The ‘word of mouth' idea that founders John Pemberton and Philip Molden struck upon, is, quite simply, a corker.And LPGF will be involved in getting

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Good Southampton businesses should add their detai

Philip Molden Feb 12 2008

Any business within the Southampton SO postcode region believing their customers would recommend them should ensure that they are on The Disc Directory, the Southampton business directory . It's where good, trusted businesses are highlighted through customer recommendations.Check whether your business is on The Disc Directory, if not, make sure you add your details for free .The Disc Directory has proven that the formula of recommendations works for businesses, as opposed to other local advertising such as the Southampton Echo where all you get is a static advert which adds no value whatso

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The search is on for the region's business Valenti

Philip Molden Feb 7 2008

While some people are looking for someone tall dark and handsome on Valentine's Day, The Disc Directory is searching for those local businesses which have created a lasting impression for their exceptional standards of customer service or workmanship. The online business directory, The Disc Directory, is spreading the love to businesses this Valentine's Day with the search for the region's most loved and recommended business. Up until February 13, happy customers and clients will have the opportunity to recommend their favourite local business through The Disc Directory, the online directory

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Garden Landscapers beating a path to be listed in

Philip Molden Feb 5 2008

In what is traditionally a quiet period for garden landscapers , many are joining the ranks by advertising within the Southampton directory. The winter allows some time for serious thought to marketing for the onset of spring when people look to commission outdoor work. Garden landscaping is often a major project and one where the more prior information you have about a business from other customers the better. This makes perfect sense for landscaping companies as there is no more powerful influencer than ‘word of mouth'.Those companies who have decided to enhance their reputations by taking

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A Cut �n' Dry decision for Hairdressers

Philip Molden Feb 1 2008

Hairdressers in Portsmouth and Southampton are seeing the benefits in advertising within The Disc Directory. If ever there was a category where recommendations can influence a decision it's in hairdressers . Just imagine, you're looking for the number of your usual hairdresser when the Most Recommended jumps out at you with glowing testimonials from happy clients. The least it will do is perk up your interest to try them out. This is exactly what The Disc Directory is doing throughout the directory; telling the rest of the region just how good a business is. Some of the recent hairdressers to

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Why would an advert convince you to contact a busi

Philip Molden Jan 31 2008

It's true; we're all guilty of being swayed by an advert at some stage. Yet, depending on our need at the time, why on earth would someone contact a business they know nothing about simply on the strength of an advert? It's what directories have played on for years; the more prominent or largest of adverts often lull you in to a false sense of security and then we learn from experience! In the ideal world, the good businesses shouldn't need to advertise as all their work comes from word of mouth but in the competitive marketplace being good doesn't always mean being in demand; hence the need f

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In 2008 I will�.

Philip Molden Dec 31 2007

‘....leave feedback on all the good local businesses I've used on The Disc Directory so that everyone gets to see which businesses they should use and why.'As we all come to make our New Year resolutions, The Disc Directory hopes that the above will be one of them. Let's face it; your word of mouth feedback about a local company could have such a positive impact for that business and everyone looking to use that type of business in the future. By recommending someone you really do make a difference.So make this resolution a keeper, after all it's one of the only things you can maintain consist

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Carolers Bring Cheer to Shoppers at Gunwharf Quays

Philip Molden Dec 14 2007

The Portsmouth Cathedral Choir will be singing Christmas carols from 5.30pm, Friday 14th December in Central Square at Gunwharf Quays.The renowned Cathedral choir will be lifting the spirits of shoppers on behalf of Portsmouth's The Disc Directory who will be offering shoppers the chance to win £50 simply by recommending local businesses on for their high standard of customer service.Philip Molden of The Disc Directory said of the event ‘it would be fair to say that shoppers are starting to panic over the number of days left and we hope that this fantastic choi

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I wish I'd thought of that - simple yet brilliant!

Philip Molden Dec 5 2007

We all know what it's like; we need to find a good local business quickly, yet when you search the main directories they give you the ones who may as well all be called Adam (as you know nothing about them) and it can go one of three ways good, bad or indifferent.Let's face it, there are more directories out there than you can shake a stick at but in your time of need you either come across the ones with quantity but no quality or those with just left-handed Portsmouth carpenters or the exclusive list of Portsmouth plumbers 'that don't get out of bed for less than a £100 call out fee

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Christmas Carols at Cascades courtesy of The Disc

Philip Molden Dec 3 2007

The Portsmouth Cathedral Choir will be singing Christmas carols from 6pm, Thursday 6th December outside the newly opened TK Maxx store at Cascades Shopping Centre.The renowned Cathedral choir will be lifting the spirits of shoppers on behalf of Portsmouth's The Disc Directory who will be offering shoppers the chance to win £50 by logging on to and recommending local businesses for their high levels of customer service.Philip Molden of The Disc Directory said of the event ‘with the Christmas countdown now on, shoppers need as much moral support as they can get a

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Leaving feedback could now win you £50 for C

Philip Molden Dec 1 2007

Now's your chance to really tell everyone how good a local business is and win £50 in the process.As if the incentive of making a business the 'Most Recommended' wasn't enough. The Disc is running a draw where 10 lucky individuals who leave a recommendation in December on a local business will be entered into a draw and each be £50 better off for Christmas.So, what are you waiting for? Let those businesses impress and inspire you to leave a recommendation on them!(Terms & Conditions available on request.)

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The Disc Directory tunes in to Power FM

Philip Molden Nov 6 2007

The Disc Directory has linked up with 103.2 Power FM to sponsor the Tune Tracka where listeners vote for their most recommended tunes.The deal sees the company supporting Power FM for the next 3-6 months. "The GCap Media group runs both Power FM and Ocean FM and is a force to be reckoned with in the South as it has such good coverage. The Disc Directory is now working with both these stations to ensure Southern Hampshire is fully covered so that our name is at the forefront of people's minds when searching for recommended local businesses" said Operations Director Philip Molden. "We are all ab

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Good Portsmouth businesses should add their detail

Philip Molden Nov 6 2007

Any business within the Portsmouth PO postcode region believing their customers would recommend them should ensure that they are on The Disc Directory, the Portsmouth business directory . It's where good, trusted businesses are highlighted through customer recommendations.Check whether your business is on The Disc Directory, if not, make sure you add your details for free .The Disc Directory has proven that the formula of recommendations works for businesses, as opposed to other local advertising such as the The News where all you get is a static advert which adds no value whatsoever when

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November's Most Recommended businesses on Ocean FM

Philip Molden Nov 1 2007

It only took a few recommendations and now they're on the radio, broadcast throughout the whole Portsmouth and Southampton telling everybody that they're the Most Recommnded businesses!It's true, four businesses within The Disc Directory are on the radio for free throughout November.By encouraging their customers to leave recommendations The Disc Directory has rewarded them each with a whole week free advertising on Ocean FM. Throughout November, the following companies are the 'Most Recommended' on The Disc Directory: MACODS Paving Contractors Hampshire Preservation Services Ltd Rob Paul St

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Hampshire Business publication promotes The Southa

Philip Molden Nov 1 2007

The Hampshire Business magazine published by the Daily Echo covers the unfolding success story of The Disc Directory and its entrance into the Southampton area.The article published in the November edition is as follows:Who would you recommend?Imagine the impact of having your company name delivered through the front door of every business and residential address in the SO postcode area. Well, that's exactly what's happening early in 2008 with the launch of a new business directory with a difference. The Disc Directory is coming to Southampton or to be more precise, it's coming to over 288,000

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The Disc Directory takes on 118

Philip Molden Oct 24 2007

Having just celebrated its first anniversary The Disc Directory has acquired more office space within Portsmouth City Council's Victory Business Centre. Its new address ironically is 118 Victory House. This unit doubles their office space to 1090 sq ft and is in line with The Disc Directory's ambitious growth plans to launch the directory into a further 24 areas across the South over the next 36 months.Managing Director John Pemberton said of the move ‘having just increased our sales team we're moving forward as planned with the acquisition of our new offices. With our intended rate of growth

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MACODS Paving Contractors becomes the Most Recomme

Philip Molden Oct 22 2007

Our congratulations go to MACODS Paving Contractors in Waterlooville, who after only two weeks of advertising within The Disc Directory has become the 'Most Recommended' Paving Services company in the Portsmouth area.To see what their customers have said about them visit their listing and of course if you're looking for any estate agents you know who to contact.Buyers are visiting The Disc Directory in their droves to find the local businesses they can trust through the best advertising of all....'Word of Mouth'. Customers are able to leave feedback whenever they receive good service from

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October's Most Recommended businesses on Ocean FM

Philip Molden Oct 17 2007

It only takes a few recommendations and now they're advertised on the radio to all of Portsmouth and Southampton telling everyone how good they are! It's true, five businesses within The Disc Directory are on the radio for free throughout October.By encouraging their customers to leave recommendations has rewarded them to have a whole week each free of charge on Ocean FM. Throughout October the following companies are the 'Most Recommended' on The Disc Directory: Kaleidoscope Music K K M Deliveries Third Place (Cosham) J.J. Fleming Business Services Limited Camelot Credit Solutions Limit

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Original 106fm recognises The Disc for its innovat

Philip Molden Sep 27 2007

Throughout September, Original 106fm ran a series profiling innovators that the south should be proud of. The Disc Directory featured on 27 September.Operations Director Philip Molden explains the innovation behind The Disc Directory and just how it benefits both consumers and advertisers when looking for businesses within the directory.Find out why The Disc Directory is an innovation hero of the moment. It's a celebration of ideas and excellence across the south.Click here to listen to the interview on Original 106fm

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Three strikes and you're IN - as the �Most Recomme

Philip Molden Sep 24 2007

It's as simple as that, when your customers or clients leave positive feedback about your business on The Disc Directory you start the process in becoming the ‘Most Recommended' business above and beyond your competition.Once you've received three independent recommendations you become eligible to be within the league table of ‘Most Recommended'. That means that regardless of your advertising spend when you receive the recommendations you come out on top when buyers are looking for you.We all know what word of mouth does for any business, so just imagine what telling the rest of Portsmouth and

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All it took were a few recommendations and now the

Philip Molden Sep 17 2007

It's true, four businesses within The Disc Directory are on the radio for free throughout September.Encouraging their customers to leave recommendations has enabled them to have a whole week each free of charge on Ocean FM. Throughout September the following companies are the 'Most Recommended' on The Disc Directory: Curves A & S Signs & Graphics Clarks Clearance 48K Ltd Who will it be in October?

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Buy With Confidence with The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Sep 7 2007

The Disc Directory, an innovative business directory, can now offer its customers even more assurance that they are choosing the right company. The Company behind The Disc Directory is the first business in Portsmouth to be accepted into the Buy With Confidence scheme by Portsmouth City Council as well as the first ever company that distributes directories in the UK to be vetted and approved by Trading Standards.The Buy with Confidence scheme aims to make it easier for consumers to find businesses they can really trust. Originally developed by Hampshire County Council, and offered to busine

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All aboard...The Southampton Disc Directory is on

Philip Molden Aug 19 2007

So far, we've included approximately 3,000 businesses, however within the next 4-6 weeks we hope to have the comprehensive directory of over 11,000 companies up and running and helping Southampton to choose from the ‘Most Recommended'.It does take time, and the process is made all the more time consuming as we check that every business on the directory is bona fide and more importantly that they are happy to be listed. You'd be surprised at how many online directories don't do this.In the meantime, if you wish us to add a business to the Southampton directory before we get to talk to them ju

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Southampton business directory with a difference i

Philip Molden Jul 10 2007

A unique businesses directory launching in Southampton is set to benefit thousands of local businesses and more importantly help consumers make a more informed decision when searching for a business or service by using The Disc Directory.The comprehensive Southampton directory will cover all businesses in the SO postcode region; an extensive area extending through the New Forest, Romsey, Winchester, Eastleigh, Southampton, Hedge End and Bishop's Waltham. The website is now online at and for those without internet access the complete directory is also available on a

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June's e-bulletin out now

Philip Molden Jun 28 2007

The Disc Directory's second instalment in the form of the e-bulletin is out. We continue to offer our advertisers even more than just a directory listing and those businesses taking on the mantle of getting feedback left about them are rewarded handsomely; something you definitely don't get with other directories!Find out more through the link below:June Newsletter

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Are you a Trading Standards scheme member?

Philip Molden Jun 13 2007

If your business is a member of either the Buy With Confidence or Square Deal schemes we'll highlight their logos against your entry so that potential customers can see that you're a conscientious business.It may seem like a small gesture but people really do take notice of such things as it's more than likely they'll choose the business which is approved by local Trading Standards.Talking of gestures; as we're Square Deal members and applicants of Buy With Confidence we take Trading Standards accreditation very seriously and will offer a 10% discount to member businesses when they come on The

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Free promotion for local businesses with The Disc

Philip Molden May 30 2007

Every business wants to raise its profile and now, thanks to The Disc Directory, Portsmouth businesses can really make advertising count and even gain free promotion. By selecting the Disc Directory, businesses are featured online at and on a credit card size CD that will be landing on the doorsteps of over 235,000 households and businesses across Portsmouth over the next couple of weeks.In addition, The Disc Directory now features the most recommended businesses in its own advertising campaigns and companies across Portsmouth are currently being promoted for free on

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Do you know of any other directory that actually r

Philip Molden May 21 2007

How would you like your business named as the ‘Recommendation of the Week' on Ocean FM for a whole week free of charge? Well, it's already started for a number of The Disc Directory advertisers. As part of our sponsorship of Ocean FM's weather those businesses proactive in getting their customers to leave feedback about them have the opportunity to be promoted on-air free of charge for a week. Simply impress us and the rest of Portsmouth with your feedback and we'll give you the chance to tell Ocean's audience just how good you are.Throughout May, the following businesses received free adverti

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Want to see just what The Disc Directory can offer

Philip Molden May 16 2007

Many businesses don't yet understand how valuable a listing within the directory could be. The Disc Directory has created a level playing field allowing businesses, regardless of their size, to become the ‘Most Recommended' in Portsmouth.With this in mind, May saw the launch of The Disc Directory's first newsletter ‘the disc e-bulletin'. With an update on the imminent delivery of the first ever Disc directory, the bulletin also highlights just what a business can get from advertising within The Disc Directory.After all, it's your customers who have the say in making you stand out.Please click

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The Disc Directory's chosen charity gets backing f

Philip Molden May 15 2007

A local cancer charity looks set to be in the spotlight throughout the coming year following the recent news that it has been selected as the Lord Mayor's Appeal charity.The FORT Cancer Charity (Friends of Oncology and Radiotherapy Trust), is also the chosen local charity of The Disc Directory, the south's most comprehensive and innovative business directory featuring a unique customer feedback facility.At Lord Mayor Mike Blake's inauguration he launched the ‘Good FORTune' appeal to coincide with his fundraising activities throughout 2007/08.Director and founder of The Disc Directory, John Pem

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Promoting City Businesses - as reported by The New

Philip Molden Apr 21 2007

The following is from an article in The News published on 21st April 2007:'People across the PO postcode areas are set to receive credit card sized CD-Roms for one of Portsmouth's newest businesses.They will be sent to every house from the end of April, starting with 125,000 for the PO1 to PO7 areas and then 110,000 for the PO8 to PO17 areas - in total 235,000.The CD-Roms contain a new business directory that is being launched exclusively in the Portsmouth area by The Disc Directory. If it takes off here it could go national.In the new directory customers will be able to look for local busines

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The Disc Directory teams up with Ocean FM

Philip Molden Apr 19 2007

The Disc Directory, an innovative business directory based in Portsmouth, has teamed up with one of the largest radio stations on the south coast, Ocean FM 96.7-97.5 Hampshire.The Disc Directory has sponsored the station's weather announcements in a deal that will see the company supporting Ocean FM for the next twelve months. Currently, over 10,000 businesses are featured on Portsmouth's Disc Directory across 1,500 categories with Southampton planned as the next region over the coming months."We are delighted to be working with Ocean FM and sponsoring their weather. Whilst the weather may som

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The Disc Directory presents Jongleurs with Best Cl

Philip Molden Mar 21 2007

As a sponsor of The Best Bar None awards held on 20th March, The Disc Directory's John Pemberton was delighted to hand the best 'Club' accolade to Jongleurs. It was a successful evening all round for Gunwharf's Jongleurs as they were also awarded as the overall winner in The Best Bar None categories.John said of the awards 'this is yet another great Portsmouth initiative to guide people when looking for the best local venues. As well as the unique 'Word of Mouth' feedback The Disc Directory shows the 'Best Bar None' logo against any licensed premises holding this standard of excellence, which

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Buy With Confidence applications encouraged by The

Philip Molden Mar 12 2007

Local businesses on The Disc Directory who provide a good, reliable and customer friendly service are now given encouragement to gain recognition of their business standards by also joining Hampshire County Council's Buy With Confidence scheme.In a ground-breaking initiative, The Disc Directory will reimburse 10% of any investment into The Disc Directory if any of their listed companies is accepted as an ‘Approved Member' of the Buy With Confidence scheme. The Buy With Confidence scheme was initiated by Hampshire County Council to help businesses comply with the law while improving consume

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The Disc Directory sponsors 'Standard of Excellenc

Philip Molden Mar 9 2007

Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire Constabulary and Safer Portsmouth Partnership is to establish a standard of excellence accreditation entitled 'Best Bar None' within the Portsmouth licensed trade with the aim of raising standards and rewarding good and safe licensed venues, whilst providing an opportunity for local authority and police to work in a positive partnership with the licensing trade.The Disc Directory is delighted to sponsor the 'Club' category award on the night showing that their commitment to promoting good local businesses is genuine. As well as the unique 'Word of Mouth' feed

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Opportunity to reward a good service

Philip Molden Mar 1 2007

As any business will appreciate there is nothing better than a personal recommendation; that is why The Disc Directory will be so beneficial to thousands of businesses. The Disc Directory is an innovative business directory featuring a unique customer feedback facility called ‘Word of Mouth'.The Disc Directory website is now online at and for those without internet access the directory is also available on a credit card sized CD which will be delivered free to over a quarter of a million businesses and homes throughout Portsmouth during April. If you have used a co

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The Disc Directory comes highly recommended

Philip Molden Feb 27 2007

As the people of Portsmouth help you decide which best local business to use...Fed up with the gamble of trying a new restaurant? Or are you worried about using a new hairdresser? If this sounds familiar, then the launch of The Disc Directory will make your life much easier.It is less stressful and much more reliable to use businesses as recommended by friends or family and The Disc Directory does just that. The innovative business directory features a unique customer feedback facility called ‘Word of Mouth' where it highlights the most recommended and shows any recent feedback.The Disc Dire

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Join up or miss out - Launch countdown to business

Philip Molden Feb 5 2007

Time is running out for local businesses to become part of the one of the south's most comprehensive and innovative business directories featuring a unique customer feedback facility.The cut-off date for advertisers to get on to the disc has been set at 28th February 2007. Businesses in the Portsmouth area are being urged to act quickly if they want to join this new and exciting initiative.Managing director and The Disc Directory's founding member John Pemberton said, "The countdown is on. With over 4,000 companies already registered, local businesses cannot afford to miss out."When The Disc D

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From small The News' Business Tree pro

Philip Molden Jan 30 2007

The Disc Directory was recently featured in The News, Portsmouth's flagship daily newspaper. The following is an extract from the article:A new directory on the cardsAt just over six months old, Fratton based business The Disc Directory is on a mission to change the way that Portsmouth residents choose a local business or service. From the Victory Business Centre, directors John Pemberton and Philip Molden are about to launch a Portsmouth wide directory with a difference.Because of the scale of this project, they took an outsourcing strategy for some of their operations which has proven extrem

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Solicitors set to soar thanks to Disc Directory

Philip Molden Jan 2 2007

A local solicitors is all set for a successful 2007 after winning a prize draw to net a year's free advertising with one of the south's most comprehensive and innovative business directories. Daltons Solicitors in Petersfield was selected as the correct winning entry in The Disc Directory's prize draw. The firm, which also has offices in Havant and Hayling Island, will now be the featured top spot in its category within the new directory. Gill Moss-Bowpitt of Daltons Solicitors said, This is such a valuable prize especially as we are now planning our marketing strategy for 2007 and it will be

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Anglian Home Improvements choose directory to high

Philip Molden Dec 15 2006

When the window of opportunity appears and it's as dazzling as The Disc Directory you have to act on it. Just as Anglian Home Improvements has by giving us the seal of approval in taking top spots throughout for conservatories, driveways and double glazing. For Anglian, they want their customers to know that they're so much more than just a window company. Anglian is the UK's number one home improvements company, with over a million satisfied customers, and nearly 40 years experience. Their unrivalled success can be attributed to a combination of commitment to the highest standard of customer

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In-toto specialist kitchens has designs to be most

Philip Molden Dec 6 2006

Take Europe's largest quality kitchen manufacturer, designers with flair, fitters who care and blend it with an innovative local directory who loves to share (positive feedback that is) and voilà - a match made in The Disc Directory. In-toto has taken the exclusive sponsored slot within the Kitchen Planning & Installation category. In-Toto has been established in Britain for over 25 years and has a showroom based at Portsmouth's 30 Landport Terrace. They have grown from strength to strength largely due to word of mouth recommendations by satisfied customers. You'll be delighted to find that cr

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J.M. Recruitment launches new look website created

Philip Molden Dec 1 2006

Leading Portsmouth based recruitment company J.M. Recruitment is delighted to launch their new website The site has a host of features which as well as allowing users to view the current permanent or temporary vacancies allows employers to keep up to date with the latest HR legislation and news. The functionality extends to J.M. Recruitment's ability to update the site easily through a user friendly content management system. The website was developed by The Disc Directory based on the brief to create a professional yet functional website. Tom Hughes, J.M. Recruitment

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Body Visions Fitness Club exercises advertising ac

Philip Molden Nov 30 2006

Gosport based Body Visions Fitness Club chose the top spot with The Disc Directory to highlight the positive benefits their new gym will provide to local users. At Body Visions they understand the stresses and strains developed by modern life. Their gym has been designed to offer a wide range of relaxing and energetic activities with the latest fitness equipment in a personal and peaceful environment. With limited memberships why not find out how Body Visions could make a healthy impact on your life through their listings To get into peak shape with your directory advertising contact us fr

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Warner Goodman sets directory precedent for solici

Philip Molden Nov 21 2006

Local solicitors Warner Goodman acted on The Disc Directory advice by taking a top spot for the Portsmouth & Southsea region. In the competitive area of legal advisers the firm recognises just how important it is to stand out. Warner Goodman is one of the largest regional firms in the south of England, offering a wide range of company and commercial services including property, employment and litigation, with notable expertise in insolvency and franchising. For individuals it offers services in civil litigation, family law, residential conveyancing, financial services, probate and criminal wo

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The Disc strikes the right note with Kaleidoscope

Philip Molden Nov 13 2006

Music and entertainment - the perfect partnership to make any event memorable - much like that other well matched pairing local business and The Disc Directory. Portsmouth based Kaleidoscope went for the Albert Hall equivalent in advertising by taking a top sponsored slot within the category of Entertainment Agencies . Kaleidoscope specialises in providing clients with access to professional classical and popular musicians, as well as leading entertainers. As musicians themselves they have the skills and knowledge to help their customers receive the information needed to make the best choice

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Fleet Repair Centre gets into the mechanics of The

Philip Molden Nov 8 2006

Let no-one say that we're not prepared to get our hands dirty in getting businesses on to The Disc Directory. When it comes to oily rags and dipsticks there will be no better source (there is a compliment there somewhere!) for finding good, trustworthy garages than your local Disc directory. We're delighted to welcome Havant based Fleet Repair Centre who has taken one of the top slots in the Garage Services category in the Havant & Hayling Island region.Established in 1986, the Fleet Repair Centre has extensive experience in fleet handling and is an accredited member of the Retail Motor Indu

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Accountants Murray McIntosh O'Brien chooses to adv

Philip Molden Oct 27 2006

Waterlooville based accountants Murray McIntosh O'Brien has taken a top slot within The Disc Directory. Murray McIntosh O'Brien is a progressive, flexible firm of chartered accountants and business advisers. They run with companies experiencing fast growth, assisting them to operate tightly and efficiently during periods of consolidation and help them if necessary to anticipate and manage downsizing. Their clients cover many different types of industry and profession, ranging from sole traders through to long established family owned companies and entrepreneurial groups.For further details p

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The Disc Directory's a unique proposition as broad

Philip Molden Oct 19 2006

The Solent's newest regional radio station Original 106FM caught up with The Disc Directory to find out what everyone is talking about.Broadcast and presented on Alan Jennings' daily news and sports show 15 minutes the directory received yet more profile as the new directory for the Portsmouth area. Of the three things that really make The Disc Directory stand out "Word of mouth feedback, word of mouth feedback and not forgetting… word of mouth feedback" were cited as a huge factor for advertisers in attracting customers to use one local business over another.Original 106fm sets out to be di

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The Disc creates waves on Portsmouth's local radio

Philip Molden Oct 9 2006

Broadcaster and local businesswoman Cheryl Buggy who hosts the weekday show 'Just the Job' wanted to find out more about how The Disc Directory can help businesses wishing to advertise.Covering everything from where the idea originated to just how useful the most recommended 'Word of Mouth' facility will be for consumers; the interview focused on the fresh approach The Disc is taking to directory advertising including guaranteed cost effective, top slots for businesses and service providers alike. With the Portsmouth wide launch in early 2007 to over 235,000 residential and business addresses

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Clarks Clearance picks up on 'Waste Disposal' on T

Philip Molden Sep 28 2006

Not everything that Clarks Clearance picks up is rubbish, occasionally they come across some real gems, and one such gem is picking up a top slot in The Disc Directory.Clarks Clearance presently works in the Portsmouth, Southsea, Fareham, Gosport and surrounding areas carrying out all types of rubbish clearance , from general house items through to rubble or pretty much anything that can come out of your house or site. So Don't Skip it Tip it!For a quote please contact Clarks Clearance through thier listings , ask for Sarah or Charlie and say you saw them in The Disc Directory.The top slots

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Sold on first viewing - to Chinneck Shaw Estate Ag

Philip Molden Sep 27 2006

Local property agency expert Chinneck Shaw has secured the top sponsored slot within The Disc Directory for the Portsmouth and Southsea estate agents .Chinneck Shaw is an independent family firm of estate agents and chartered surveyors. The original firm of J.S. Chinneck & Son was founded over 100 years ago in 1883 and the practice has been based at the present office on Copnor Bridge since 1969. Their aim is to assist clients in all their property-related transactions in a friendly and professional manner. For further details please contact Chinneck Shaw through their listings Other Estate

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A real boon to businesses - as reported by The Por

Philip Molden Sep 26 2006

The flagship newspaper for Portsmouth The News reported on the launch of The Disc Directory in their weekly round up of important news in and round Portsmouth in their Business Week section.Referring to The Disc Directory as a ‘real boon to businesses' the article focused in on the opportunities for businesses and suppliers to attract more customers by advertising in the directory. Delivering a good, reliable service would make local businesses eligible to receive feedback from satisfied consumers and at the same time providing them with a higher profile in the directory.Our thanks to The News

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National site brings sea change for recognising th

Philip Molden May 26 2005

Now covering the whole of the UK, The Disc Directory allows good business whether small or large to stand out to customers for the right reasons. The Disc Directory has introduced both regional and national listings for those companies not restricted to a smaller geographical area. This means that companies can be highlighted through the quality of their service rather than high advertising spend.Operations Director Philip Molden says "After just two years of running The Disc Directory, UK coverage is a significant milestone for us. We are now able to attract those companies interested in rea

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