The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the tru

Philip Molden Aug 11 2008

Now and again The Disc Directory likes a little irony; especially when it's welcoming a local company to the ranks of becoming a recommended business within the region. People use directories to find businesses whereas the Southampton based company that has just joined us focuses on finding people!

Eye to I Investigators Ltd is here in Southampton and deals with more than just finding people. Did you realise that:

• 75% of Matrimonial matters are dealt with by a Private Investigator in collaboration with a Solicitor?
• 55% of Works or Traffic Accidents are also dealt with, by Private & Accident Investigators?
• 65% of Fraudulent Insurance claims are investigated by Private Investigators?
• 45% of Thefts from Haulage companies are investigated successfully by Private Investigators.
• 80% of Missing Persons, lost relatives, friends or businesses are successfully traced and found by Private Investigators

This is of interest because we all know of someone going through the harrowing experience of divorce or suspected affair and is in need of help in getting evidence to corroborate their case.

You may work for a company with a dubious record of Health & Safety at work, slips and trips are commonplace and photographic and written evidence is required to substantiate claims for compensation. You may have been ‘had' by a rogue builder and would like to find out how to track them down. You may simply want to find a long lost friend or member of your family.

Giving advice and getting evidence is all in a days work for Eye to I Investigators Ltd.

If you have an accident, would like to trace someone or have a problem that needs resolving, the truth is out there - Eye to I Investigators Ltd on 023 8077 7180.