Joe the Plumber is on The Disc Directory

Philip Molden Oct 15 2008

At a time when struggling US presidential candidate John McCain is trying to associate himself with Joe the plumber perhaps he should have searched on The Disc Directory first; he would have discovered plenty to associate himself with.

There are literally hundreds of them on The Disc Directory and many of them recommended which means that you can really put your faith in a business or service without wondering what kind of plumber Joe really is and will he do a good job!

When customers start recommending businesses to help you source a business you know you're on to good thing. After all, what does a yellow or blue advert really tell you about a business?

On The Disc Directory, there are no gimmicks, no social networks, no weather forecasts; just a complete directory of businesses and recommendations to boot! Now there's a statement of presidential quality we like to hear.

So when you next think of Joe the Plumber, Wayne the Plasterer or Grant the Builder, try looking on The Disc Directory first.