The Disc Directory becomes one of Southampton's to

Philip Molden Dec 8 2008

Southampton has a new destination attracting consumers and businesses alike. The award winning souvenir game ‘Destination Southampton' out now, includes The Disc Directory as a prime location within Southampton. Other landmarks on the board game include Breeze Volkswagen , Coffin Mew , Hendy Group , West Quay Shopping Centre and the Grape's Pub to name but a few.

Operations Director Philip Molden said ‘we're delighted to have been included as a main Southampton destination. Whilst The Disc Directory may not be as well known yet, we're already playing big a part in promoting Southampton through the business directory. This will become even stronger in 2009 as the directory goes national and receives a much higher profile'.

About The Disc Directory
Forget having to thumb or click through pages of adverts; just visit the website to find just about any local Southampton business you could possibly need, especially the recommended ones.

The recommendations come from people who have used these businesses and want to spread the word to the rest of Southampton as to how good they are and why you should consider using them. This means that you can leave feedback on that fantastic Italian restaurant in town or the great mechanic who always valets your car after servicing it!

This feedback also helps businesses as it drives customers to them and provides a list of glowing testimonials. Share your favourite businesses with the rest of Southampton!