74% of People prefer to use a Recommended Business

Philip Molden Jan 10 2009

It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to figure out why a company with recommendations has the advantage over one without.

When you consider that this is the ideal choice for almost three quarters of consumers, The Disc Directory is the perfect vehicle for both consumers to find such businesses and for companies to sign up to.

Research conducted by The Disc Directory shows that 74% of people prefer to use a company that has been recommended to them.

Whilst this is probably no surprise to readers, it is still puzzling why, especially with the current downturn, people continue choose a business from a simple advert.

The Disc Directory is all about changing consumer habits when sourcing businesses and is working towards becoming the premier online directory for choosing a business through the strength of what their customers have said about them.

The Disc Directory helps you choose a business with confidence.

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