Keep up the good work and get rewarded especially

Philip Molden Jan 20 2009

It's official, the country is in recession . Whilst those of us who are not economists could have told you that three months ago, the scaremongering continues to spread.

There is no doubt that businesses are suffering and literally trying to keep their heads above the water whilst at the same time fighting off the sharks.

One thing that businesses must not do in times such as these is to pull back completely from marketing, thinking that those intangible costs are less important for the survival of the company.

By all means review and pull apart your marketing spend but focus on what can help you draw business in. Get your business listed on all the directories for free and then look at The Disc Directory to help you build up your profile in what sells you the best - your reputation!

If anyone can help your business stand out it's your customers and The Disc Directory working together. The directory is only part of the service offered by The Disc as the more recommended your business becomes, the more it will be promoted. It also gives the business a solid and impartial base from which to market itself.

Businesses continue to gain customers through The Disc Directory and if you're any good, so will you.

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