There's a buzz out there but it's not the bees!

Philip Molden Apr 21 2009

Whilst the bees and the beekeeping fraternity are having a rotten time of things at present, we at The Disc Directory are sure that they will make a healthy recovery. Nevertheless, the buzz in the air still continues.

Could it be that The Disc Directory, the online buzzness directory with recommendations is going national?

From bumble…we mean humble beginnings in Portsmouth, the pollination is almost complete and the directory is just about to launch to cover 2 million buzznesses throughout the UK. For companies out there looking for effective ways of advertising with purpose, look at The Disc Directory, it's a hive of feedback activity!

To add your buzzness or for further details visit the site and see for yourself at or contact by freephone on 0800 043 2100.

If you don't want to get stung by advertising, don't take the risk use The Disc.