Your Customers are your Best Salespeople

Philip Molden Jun 14 2009

Many smaller businesses don't understand just how influential customers are. Your customers are the ones that do the real marketing for businesses; if they're pleased they praise you but if not they'll scorn you.

At home and in work we all listen to customers.

On The Disc Directory, customers tell us how good a business is, which in turn allows everyone else to share that experience. The Disc Directory highlights those businesses that customers want to praise.

If you were looking to use a business and had to decide between a recommended one and one that you knew nothing about; which one would you choose?

Take recruitment companies as an example, we've all either been job hunting or looking to recruit someone; from the dozens of anonymous Bournemouth employment agencies why wouldn't you contact Select Appointments? The same applies to any business or trade you may want to use.

The Disc Directory now covers the whole of the UK, so just how many people do you want to tell how good your business is?