Bartercard Helps Your Business

Philip Molden Dec 10 2009

How do you grow your business on a national scale with a limited budget? You become a Bartercard trader!

When the disc directory went national in May 2009 it wanted to be able to market itself to consumers and businesses. A bold move in such tough economic conditions but Bartercard helped by taking pressure off actual cash spend.

Philip Molden of the disc directory said ‘we were able to carry out a full marketing programme by using fellow Bartercard members throughout the country. Everything from radio advertising to billboards are available on Barter which meant that we could get extensive coverage for a fraction of what we would have spent in real cash terms.

Each Bartercard brokerage promotes us to their members so we can also attract new businesses through trade.'

The Disc Directory is delighted to be trading on Bartercard and continues to use trade for all areas of its business.

For further information on Bartercard please contact 0845 219 7000.

If you are a Bartercard business that wants to win business on the disc directory please contact 0800 043 2100.