Gritting Salt that doesn't cost the Earth

Philip Molden Jan 8 2010

As the bad weather prevails, it's not just the basics like bread and milk that are in short supply. Gritting Salt has become the ‘must have' necessity of the moment with demand to clear the roads and paths reaching an all time high.

The price of grit has rocketed up from £97 to over £200 per tonne, this is an amazing price hike.

With local councils struggling to meet the intense demand yet Hampshire company Wastemasters based in Fareham has an abundance of very effective 5mm Grit for sale.

We all want to be safe and putting the small 5mm grit down will go some way towards saving any broken legs or arms or worse.

Speaking with Steve at Wastemasters, they have a great supply and have been helping many companies round their buildings and also company car parks where accidents normally happen.

For further details please contact Steve at Wastemasters

We wish you all a safe trip if you do venture out.