Marketing that works for Accountants

Philip Molden Oct 26 2010

Case Study - Alliott Wingham Chartered Accountants

Alliott Wingham Limited is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Southern Hampshire. The firm can trace its history back to Barnard & Co, a firm which started in 1948. As with many firms, they have undergone changes over the years and currently operate out of Fareham.

They are forward thinking, focusing on forecasting and decision-making on behalf of their clients. Director Mark Nolan says "in the past we did receive referrals but left it to our clients rather than asking them; the same applied with testimonials as we did not know what else to do with them, if anything, and we are not big enough to have a marketing team.

Previously, Alliott Wingham undertook the standard advertising routes to market such as Yellow Pages and Thomson Local. "For any kind of prominence, these are expensive leaving little budget to do much else. We felt we had to be in them but year on year we have found them to be of less value."

Business Development Tool

Having chosen The Disc, Alliott Wingham is by far the most successful accountant to date in terms of generating new business.

Mark Nolan says of the service "The Disc has proven to be a very successful business development tool. As a third party service, The Disc helps us find out what clients think of our service as well as what we could be doing better. This level of feedback is invaluable to us."

Alliott Wingham uses the branded referral cards to good effect. So far, they have carried out two direct mail campaigns and achieved much more than expected. Mark Nolan says "It's a proactive form of communication and because it's impartial it delivers responses, far better than any other marketing we have done.

As a direct result of using The Disc service, we have generated more referrals which led to approximately £15,000 of new business. As we keep clients for a minimum of five years it is better valued at £75,000, many times more than we pay for the service.

By having a testimonial system in place for our clients we are saving time and money which ensures that we keep the very high level of service demanded of us. The testimonials through The Disc have raised our profile in our local area.

We are now implementing the social media and website feeds to ensure that our testimonials have an even greater online impact."

The Disc works

For Alliott Wingham it certainly does. Over 15 referrals, 120 testimonials and a Page 1 Google presence has led to them renewing for a further year at £1200 (ex VAT).

Contact The Disc for further information on 0800 043 2100.