Legal Profession Compliance Client feedback and co

Philip Molden May 16 2011

The forthcoming ‘outcome focused regulation' changes from the SRA will see measurement of client satisfaction become an integral part of regulatory compliance, and not just for those firms seeking Lexcel accreditation.
Regular client surveys are a key tool for evaluating client satisfaction, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and highlighting new sales opportunities. But they are time consuming and take up internal resources and time that could be used more productively.
To put the need for this service in context the proposed regulatory changes will see client satisfaction move sharply up the agenda with the shift to ‘outcome focused regulation'. Mandatory principle 5 of the currently proposed SRA handbook, states that solicitors must ‘provide a proper standard of service to your clients'.
In addition attention is drawn to two extracts from Chapter 1 of the proposed SRA Code of Conduct ‘Helping you and your clients understand each others expectations and responsibilities' and ‘Ensuring you deliver competent legal services to clients'.
John Pemberton says "We have been working with the Legal profession for many years and it is great that the industry has recognised the importance of feedback"