Firms fall victim to fake web reviews

Philip Molden Nov 4 2011

We at The Disc Directory are appalled that fake reviews are still going on and are very frustrated that a lot of these web sites do not simply use people and common sense when making reviews live. We have invested in technology and have some great working relationships and collect feedback and reviews all the time. We will report companies to Trading Standards and remove companies for failing to meet basic customer service levels.

John Pemberton, Managing Director of The Disc Directory explains "We started this company over five years ago and have maintained our integrity through thick and thin; many people have said we should automate the verification process and take reviews down afterwards. This is wrong, as what is borne out by the local IT company's experience. Reputation is hard to get back; like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Clearing your name can take a huge amount in both time and money.

My company works so hard to help companies stand out for the right reasons but these automated fake review sites are just ruining it for everyone."

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