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Philip Molden Jan 30 2007

The Disc Directory was recently featured in The News, Portsmouth's flagship daily newspaper. The following is an extract from the article:

A new directory on the cards

At just over six months old, Fratton based business The Disc Directory is on a mission to change the way that Portsmouth residents choose a local business or service. From the Victory Business Centre, directors John Pemberton and Philip Molden are about to launch a Portsmouth wide directory with a difference.

Because of the scale of this project, they took an outsourcing strategy for some of their operations which has proven extremely successful and allowed them to expand. Mr Molden says "we have obviously chosen local companies and they will be the first to benefit from our feedback in the word of mouth section as these are businesses we would gladly recommend to the rest of Portsmouth. There is now a directory with the ability to do this".

The concept of putting a local business directory onto a credit card sized CD was developed by John Pemberton. He said "these CDs have been around for years but have only really been used as flashy business cards. What makes them ideal for this format is that you can carry a directory of every Portsmouth business in your wallet or purse and then simply load it into your computer as you would any other CD".

Although unique, the directory is really set apart from the competition by the introduction customer feedback ‘Word of Mouth' facility. This gives the consumer who has had a great service a chance to praise good local businesses and also allows those looking for a service to know the business they choose comes with a personal recommendation, after all the very best form of advertising is ‘Word Of Mouth'.

Businesses will benefit from this as well because good work is acknowledged and the better the feedback, the higher the supplier is ranked within the directory.

Mr Molden added: "The ‘Word of Mouth' section is all about promoting trust in our local businesses. Those that stand out will do so purely because of the high level of service they provide, not how much money they have to spend on advertising".

The Disc Directory is targeted squarely at Portsmouth's population as everyone within the PO1-PO17 postcode will receive a free copy of the directory in April.

Credit: The News