Keeping up with the times?

Philip Molden Apr 4 2012

As technology continues to push the boundaries of communication forward, many businesses are asking what else have we got to say?

There is a fine balance between relevant messages and saying something just to be heard. This has never been more prevalent in the world of social media. How do you ensure what is said is going to have a positive impact on your business?

The service Working Feedback ensures that only positive messages in the form of testimonials are fed online to social media and search engines thereby reinforcing the good things that customers are saying about you.

People once said that the internet was just a fad; online marketing is crucial to growing and sustaining your business. Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing message, only now it's also online.

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Working Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and non-confrontational referral service which makes word of mouth massively scalable by feeding your testimonials through Google, through your website, through social media and all generated by your client base.

Start capturing all of this for your business from £50 (ex Vat) per month.