Testimonials / Feedback is it worth doing……

Philip Molden Jun 19 2012

Testimonials / Feedback is it worth doing……

If your clients are saying wonderful things about your business, then why not publicise those positive testimonials for the world to see?

Absolutely, however there are pitfalls that you need to avoid. There are two main problems with customer testimonials-overuse and legitimacy.

A problem with Testimonials reflected on a lot of websites is that they are merely excerpts from client communication and because the business has total control of the content how do potential customers know that this is even a real comment from a real client and has not just been made up by the business?

There are a number of critical steps to create effective, meaningful customer testimonials, they must be:

1) Authentic: To make your client testimonials believable, authenticate them by using a third party or pictures of the customers who provide them along with those customers' real names. In other words, prove your customer testimonials are real up front so there is no room for doubt in the minds of your prospects.

2) Quantifiable: Ask your clients to put hard numbers in their testimonials. If a customer saved money or time by doing business with you, ask them to specify in their testimonial exactly how much they saved. A customer testimonial that says, "I saved £100 at ABC Shop" is far more compelling than, "I saved money at ABC Shop."

3) Specific: Customer testimonials are useless unless they give prospective clients a reason to care about them. Vague testimonials, such as "It was great to do business with ABC Shop," provide little value to prospective clients. Instead, guide clients who give you testimonials by asking them to provide a specific reason why working with or using your business benefited them. 

4) Current: Businesses change, staff move on and the customer experience can change as a result. Your testimonials need to be dated and kept current. What interest or value is a testimonial from two or more years ago?

5) Diverse: Obtain a varied collection of customer testimonials that prospects will relate to, from a diverse group of people and also about a variety of experiences and benefits.

6) Visible: Your testimonials need to be highly visible, there is no point in spending time working with your customers to create up to date testimonials only to have them hidden away on some obscure corner of your website

7) Use Social Media: Testimonials fit so well into your social media, Twitter, Linked in, Facebook and Google Plus, automating this works as well

8) Publish in The Disc Directory, publish your testimonials in as this is the leading provider of business testimonials in the UK and will often feed other directories for free.

9) 76% of your clients will research you before buying, what will they find

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