Testimonials Directly to YOUR Website

Philip Molden Jul 11 2012

Everyone knows testimonials are important in gaining trust

So why aren't you making sure that potential customers know that you're the one to choose?

Add our RSS feed to your website Homepage and never worry about having to update testimonials on your website again!

What it Does

  • It helps to reassure your customers that they're using the right business
  • It keeps your feedback updated right up to the minute
  • It can be made to be as eye catching as you wish with rolling features
  • It can help with Google to improve your page ranking
  • It's a direct link to your page on The Disc

Here are some cracking live examples to compare styling: Insurance Broker & Furniture Retailer

If you're not already using this feed, simply go to your listing on The Disc Directory and click on the green icon 'Your SEO Toolbox' then choose 'RSS Feed'.

For any further guidance please call our free helpline on 0800 043 2100.