Use Email to get Feedback

Philip Molden Jul 23 2012

Getting regular feedback can sometimes be a challenge. Now, it's much simpler through our service when you add the new feedback link to your emails; customers simply click to go direct to your feedback form.

Make it part of your everyday process by including the Email Link within your email signature to show the importance that you place on your customers and what they think about your service!

What it Does

  • It makes it more convenient for your customers to leave feedback
  • It gives you with a further method for collecting feedback
  • It reassures your customers that their feedback goes through an impartial third party

Here's the link to our Working Feedback form: Click Here . As it's html code you are are able to give it any description name you wish, for example make it read: Would you like to leave feedback about us?

If you're not already using this, simply go to your listing on The Disc Directory and click on the green icon 'Your SEO Toolbox' then choose 'Email Link'.

For any further guidance please call our free helpline on 0800 043 2100.