Opportunity to reward a good service

Philip Molden Mar 1 2007

As any business will appreciate there is nothing better than a personal recommendation; that is why The Disc Directory will be so beneficial to thousands of businesses.

The Disc Directory is an innovative business directory featuring a unique customer feedback facility called ‘Word of Mouth'.

The Disc Directory website is now online at and for those without internet access the directory is also available on a credit card sized CD which will be delivered free to over a quarter of a million businesses and homes throughout Portsmouth during April.

If you have used a company recently that you were really impressed with, rather than just telling a few friends or colleagues, tell the whole of Portsmouth by leaving some feedback for the company on The Disc Directory website.

"The ‘Word of Mouth' section on The Disc Directory is ideal for customers who want to praise a local business they've used. Personal recommendations are so important to many businesses in helping them locate reputable business to business suppliers such as accountants, sign makers or IT specialists. It is also ideal for identifying a good florist or restaurant they can rely on for something special in their personal life," said Operations Director Philip Molden.

The website is easy to use and posting some feedback about a business is very straightforward. Just log on and follow the simple instructions.

"The ‘Word of Mouth' section means that the best businesses in the Portsmouth area will really benefit; just imagine the marketing advantages in being able to refer to an independent source of recommendations about you. The more feedback we have on the website, the better it will be for businesses and customers alike" added Philip.