Bed Vacancies in your Care home?

Philip Molden Nov 23 2012

When price isn't the main factor in choosing a care home; you have to stand out for more than just being a name in a directory.

The Working Feedback service makes sure that it's your care home they notice by recommendation when making the important decision to place a relative or loved one into your care.

It starts by:

  • Achieving a higher Google online profile with star ratings for your home
  • Keeping your website up to date by feeding testimonials direct
  • Providing you with an easy, managed system to address CQC Outcomes 7,10 & 16

Our service for a year will cost you on average the equivalent of 1 weeks' room fees! It's a proven marketing investment that supports and improves your whole business.

Next time you've a bed vacancy; look at it as an opportunity rather than a problem by contacting Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100.