Buy With Confidence applications encouraged by The

Philip Molden Mar 12 2007

Local businesses on The Disc Directory who provide a good, reliable and customer friendly service are now given encouragement to gain recognition of their business standards by also joining Hampshire County Council's Buy With Confidence scheme.

In a ground-breaking initiative, The Disc Directory will reimburse 10% of any investment into The Disc Directory if any of their listed companies is accepted as an ‘Approved Member' of the Buy With Confidence scheme.

The Buy With Confidence scheme was initiated by Hampshire County Council to help businesses comply with the law while improving consumer protection through a partnership approach. The Scheme is run by a partnership of local Trading Standards Services.

The Disc Directory is new to Portsmouth and will be available from March 2007. Unlike most directories a key feature of the directory is that it allows customers to post positive feedback on the level of service provided by their local businesses. For those companies receiving regular feedback this has the added advantage of elevating them to the ‘Most Recommended' in their category.

John Pemberton of The Disc Directory commented "given the choice customers always make decisions based on word of mouth; imagine seeing a local business with both positive feedback and the Buy With Confidence recognition. We are delighted to support the scheme and more importantly helping those local companies who genuinely provide a good service".

The Disc Directory is currently applying itself to become an ‘Approved Member' of the Buy With Confidence scheme on its own behalf.