How Franchisors get to hear the Customer

Philip Molden Aug 22 2013

The brand and reputation are the most valuable assets to any franchise, so entrusting them to a franchisee is always a daunting prospect. How do you know they'll continue to uphold the values that YOU have worked so hard to build?

Through evaluating the franchise model for ourselves and then by working with established franchises such as ActionCOACH and Select Appointments, we realised the significant benefits the service could give to franchisors. In brief, it can reconnect you to your customers, giving you a more complete picture of your whole business.

A franchise is only as strong as its weakest franchisee

Many people have said to us that you are only as strong as your weakest franchise, but which one is it?

Making sure that Feedback gets Fed back
Marketing is all about test and measurement and Working Feedback helps you to do that; we are unbiased and impartial and offer your franchisees' customers a confidential level of protection ensuring that true and honest comments are fed back.


Good comments, which franchisees are performing best and how? Share the secrets of success
Constructive comments, improve systems
What your customers think you should or could be doing better
Feedback can help in identifying any weaknesses, to assist franchisees in achieving their potential
You can reward franchisees, who have given you a great new business idea, with incentives


Collecting referrals for each franchisee (an immediate incentive to new franchisees and a benefit to all franchisees) Handing on new business referrals to them will make it easier and quicker to get them up and running and, more importantly, profitable


Collecting then distributing testimonials into social media i.e. Twitter. Regular changes to your website (automatically provided by our web links) can help to move your web site up the search engine rankings, an essential part of web marketing
Testimonials can demonstrate to potential franchisees how good your business offering is and want to be a part of it
Your strongest asset is your customer. When was the last time you listened to them?

For further information on how you can start collecting this vital information and the various ways in which a quality management system can be put in place please contact John Pemberton on 0845 340 0038