Why doesn't the CQC have the same opinion as your

Philip Molden Jan 14 2014

When the CQC inspects a service they base decisions on evidence. Clients' think you're the best thing since sliced bread so why doesn't CQC know that?

That's now changed, as reviews collected through Working Feedback are shared with the CQC enabling them to build a clearer picture based on feedback of the actual people that use it. This includes care homes, home care providers, dentists, GPs, NHS Trusts etc.

CQC adds the reviews to everything they know about any given service and this information will become part of the decision making process on when, where and what to inspect. Any reviews go towards building the CQC Quality and Risk Profiles (QRPs), the tools used to monitor compliance of the essential standards of quality and safety.

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The impartial feedback service provided by Most Recommended Care includes established moderation and verification procedures to ensure the integrity of comment provided. You're also able to draw down a feedback report at any time at the click of a button.

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