Promoting City Businesses - as reported by The New

Philip Molden Apr 21 2007

The following is from an article in The News published on 21st April 2007:

'People across the PO postcode areas are set to receive credit card sized CD-Roms for one of Portsmouth's newest businesses.

They will be sent to every house from the end of April, starting with 125,000 for the PO1 to PO7 areas and then 110,000 for the PO8 to PO17 areas - in total 235,000.

The CD-Roms contain a new business directory that is being launched exclusively in the Portsmouth area by The Disc Directory. If it takes off here it could go national.

In the new directory customers will be able to look for local businesses and then post feedback on the service they have received, which in turn gives added confidence to others who are looking to use and support local businesses. By searching for a business, users will be able to source a supplier and give feedback. For suppliers the more positive feedback they receive the higher they move up the ratings.

The Disc Directory is complemented by the website which is already live.'

Credit: The News