Are you a Trading Standards scheme member?

Philip Molden Jun 13 2007

If your business is a member of either the Buy With Confidence or Square Deal schemes we'll highlight their logos against your entry so that potential customers can see that you're a conscientious business.

It may seem like a small gesture but people really do take notice of such things as it's more than likely they'll choose the business which is approved by local Trading Standards.

Talking of gestures; as we're Square Deal members and applicants of Buy With Confidence we take Trading Standards accreditation very seriously and will offer a 10% discount to member businesses when they come on The Disc Directory.

Now, combine being potentially the 'Most Recommended' business on the directory with a Trading Standards approved logo and we're talking serious marketing. How could a customer then resist you?

This is just one of a great many incentives from The Disc Directory. If you advertise within any other directory just ask yourself when was the last time they gave you anything else?

For further details on either of the schemes contact the following:

Buy With Confidence please visit their website

Square Deal please contact 023 9283 4689 or visit their website

As always, The Disc Directory is contactable on 0800 043 2100.