Hampshire Business publication promotes The Southa

Philip Molden Nov 1 2007

The Hampshire Business magazine published by the Daily Echo covers the unfolding success story of The Disc Directory and its entrance into the Southampton area.

The article published in the November edition is as follows:

Who would you recommend?

Imagine the impact of having your company name delivered through the front door of every business and residential address in the SO postcode area. Well, that's exactly what's happening early in 2008 with the launch of a new business directory with a difference.

The Disc Directory is coming to Southampton or to be more precise, it's coming to over 288,000 addresses throughout the region including Winchester, Eastleigh, West End, Park Gate, Southampton, Romsey and the New Forest.

Don't assume it's yet another business directory as there are a number of features that really make this stand out. For example, if your business is one that thrives on word of mouth, then the ability to utilise this and show the whole of the region why they should use you may well appeal. This is made possible by introducing an on-line feedback facility similar to that of eBay except this has been taken one step further, so that those companies with the best feedback will also stand out as the ‘Most Recommended' in a prominent league table.

In the past, business directories have been guilty of limiting the number of companies listed; this isn't the case with The Disc Directory. Over 17,000 businesses are included making it a comprehensive directory, so that people will find what they're looking for time and time again. They can even leave recommendations on the local businesses they've already used.

The Disc Directory stakes its claim to being the first business ever to deliver their website through the front door as their directory is also available on a smart CD-ROM the size of a credit card which allows you to carry it conveniently in your purse or wallet.