I wish I'd thought of that - simple yet brilliant!

Philip Molden Dec 5 2007

We all know what it's like; we need to find a good local business quickly, yet when you search the main directories they give you the ones who may as well all be called Adam (as you know nothing about them) and it can go one of three ways good, bad or indifferent.

Let's face it, there are more directories out there than you can shake a stick at but in your time of need you either come across the ones with quantity but no quality or those with just left-handed Portsmouth carpenters or the exclusive list of Portsmouth plumbers 'that don't get out of bed for less than a £100 call out fee (plus hourly rates)'.

In an ideal world the good businesses shouldn't need to advertise as all their work comes from word of mouth but being good doesn't always mean being busy hence the need to advertise.

The solution has arrived in the form of The Disc Directory which highlights the most recommended businesses on the criteria that matters most, customer feedback. In this directory, businesses use a currency little known in advertising, that of reputation. The stronger it is the higher the profile of the business.

Which would you choose when presented with two businesses, one with a host of recommendation or the other without?

So the next time you have Adam round at least try to find out his surname, alternatively look on The Disc Directory.

For any further information on The Disc please contact 0800 043 2100