The Disc Directory recommends LPGF

Philip Molden Feb 14 2008

Leepeckgreenfield (LPGF) loves working with established names but every so often a new boy comes onto the block whose business is so dynamic and enterprising, they just couldn't help but get excited and that is exactly how they felt when they won The Disc Directory account recently.

The Disc Directory is an online business directory that, in just a few months, has become the fourth largest distributed directory in the UK. Its success is no fluke. The ‘word of mouth' idea that founders John Pemberton and Philip Molden struck upon, is, quite simply, a corker.

And LPGF will be involved in getting the message out to businesses and consumers starting with a Valentine's campaign.

In 2007, the first directory was launched in Portsmouth from the company's base in Fratton. It comprised both a website and a disc listing thousands of businesses in the region and was distributed to more than 230,000 homes. But it wasn't any old disc or any old directory.

With The Disc Directory, a credit card-sized CD-Rom can be carried in a wallet or purse then when required, loaded into a computer giving the user access to thousands of business listings. What gives it the special edge is that when the disc is connected to a computer, it links directly to the website for updated lists and the facility to allow customers to leave feedback indicating levels of satisfaction with goods or services purchased. The businesses with feedback are then highlighted as the ‘Most Recommended'. It is this facility that sets The Disc Directory apart from every other directory.

Over the next two years, The Disc Directory will be rolled out to 25 cities, with plans for Bournemouth and Poole already well advanced. Beyond that, Reading, Brighton, Gatwick, Guildford, Bristol, Oxford, and Swindon will all get The Disc Directory treatment and LPGF will be on hand to help the company make the most of this exciting new enterprise.