In My View...By John Pemberton of The Disc Directo

Philip Molden Feb 26 2008

Reproduced with kind permission of Southampton's Daily Echo:

We've all experienced the difficulties of finding a reliable local business and I'm sure that most would agree that this supposedly simple task can be as challenging as looking for a needle in a haystack.

There are so many businesses out there to choose from and with no real knowledge on any of them, how are you supposed to make an informed decision and choose one business over another? The answer is you don't make an informed decision, in fact more often than not you'll be forced to take the gamble and call the first relevant company in the phone directory, leaving you with that uneasy feeling of not knowing what standard of service to expect.

On many occasions I have experienced the uncertainty of employing the services of a business I know nothing about and at the time if offered the choice between a name in the phone book or a business that was highlighted as most recommended, I know which one I would have chosen - hence my decision to start The Disc Directory.

As a customer, the best guarantee you can get when choosing a local business is word-of-mouth recommendation, this simple but effective form of promotion is highly valuable to any business. Customer recommendation is what keeps many good local businesses alive, however it's an unfortunate fact of life that people are twice as likely to talk about particularly bad service they have received, than they are to praise good service.

For example, think about the amount of times you've received bad service in a restaurant and instantly felt the need to tell all your friends and family to stay clear of that establishment. Now think of all the times you've been particularly happy with the service - how many people did you tell?

Whether you've found a particularly reliable local plumber, or a hairdresser who really does listen to what you want, don't keep it to yourself, a click of the mouse and a recommendation on The Disc Directory is all it takes to spread good news.