Atlanta 1886 John Pemberton created Coca Cola…. Po

Philip Molden Jul 14 2008

It only took 120 years but John Pemberton has invented a further product with very much the same ambitions as the original Coke .

It's certainly not wet, brown and fizzy but The Disc Directory has got a lot of bottle in taking on the likes of Yellow Pages, ThomsonLocal and The Phone Book by promoting local businesses through an online directory that highlights the best businesses through the recommendations they've received. It's taken the ‘bigger is better (and more expensive)' mentality away from directory advertising to create a level playing field for ALL businesses by enabling businesses to stand out through good old customer service.

You'd be right in thinking that John Pemberton is not THE John Pemberton, as he only created a global soft drink! This John is a thirtysomething living in Southsea, Hampshire with a passion for helping local businesses gain more custom through recommendations.

John started The Disc Directory up in Portsmouth with his business partner Philip Molden in July 2006 and it has grown rapidly to cover much of the South coast, with plans to become national within the next five years. The company is the only distributed directory in the UK to have achieved the ‘Buy With Confidence' accreditation from Trading Standards and has recently received substantial funding through The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) specifically aimed at fast growth companies.

So the next time you see the current Coke advert on TV, spare a thought for the other John Pemberton, now he's the real thing!