When you're hard pressed to find good Ironing and

Philip Molden Jul 25 2008

It's full steam ahead when you're looking for a Portsmouth Ironing and Laundry Services business. The Disc Directory takes all of the creases and wrinkles out of using a company you know nothing about. For example, why not try The Ironing People based in Portsmouth.

In the past, people have had to fly by the seat of their pants when using a local business as the choice has been limited to adverts in directories such as or ThomsonLocal . They're all well and good for finding a telephone number but ‘advert only' directories give you absolutely no idea as to the quality or reputation of the business.

This certainly isn't the case with The Disc Directory as customers are encouraged by the reputable companies they use to leave feedback about them and particularly whether they'd recommend them.

When it comes to Ironing and Laundry Services, you want a company that you could trust with more than just the shirt of your back! Search for these as well as over 30,000 other Hampshire based businesses on The Disc Directory.