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51 Frogmore Road, Blackwater, Hampshire, GU17 0DD

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  • Wouldn't be given appointment for a sore eye
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 19 Jan 19
    Rating: 1 5 3
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    foreign body in eye. Went to optician after the eye became very sore, red and blurred. At 71 and rarely seen a doctor at my surgery for years, tried to make emergency appointment after visiting optician, who suggested the eye might need more attention than they could give, as there was both damage and infection. phoned surgery and was told I had to go back to optician to provide a written report, before I would be given an appointment. So there is me with a very sore eye, in pain, not one to make a fuss or constantly at the doctors,needing to have to return to optician to get report. I was less than happy. Our eyes are precious! I phoned the optician, asking advice, to avoid the driving.They suggested I went straight to A&E, which I did. The eye was accessed and deemed very badly scratched due to foreign body and was given quite strong antibiotics to deal with that and infection. The staff at A&E couldn't have been more sympathetic and helpful! Don't understand why someone at the surgery *duty doctor) would not give me an emergency appointment without written opticians report, They could easily have phoned optician, who could have provided whatever information needed to enable appointment. Was very upset and having to go to A&E, seemed very insensitive and unhelpful and unnecessary. We are told not to go to A&E if not deemed necessary. Very disappointed with surgery on this occasion.

  • Receptionists
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 04 Jan 19
    Rating: 1 5 2
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    Not for the first time, waiting to speak to a receptionist whilst they while away their ‘paid for’ time gossiping with each other about trivial matters. These staff require training on how to deal with people standing right in front of them waiting patiently to be served/spoken to. Common courtesy should be one of most important requirements on the job spec for this type of position. I sincerely hope this will be addressed by the Manager and not ignored or passed over as has obviously happened in the past. Checking the reviews of this practise are more often than not about the ‘rude uncaring reception staff’.

  • Very poor service.
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 03 Dec 18
    Rating: 1 5 3
    Written by

    went to see doctor for sick certificate (ESA bad shouler),decided to talk to doctor about my depression (and was quite emotional crying) was then told that she didn't have much time,then proceeded to check her watch every 30 seconds but she wasn't interested so I decided it was a waste of time so I left. Don't think i've been back since,still depressed still have some shoulder problems,quadruple heart bypass approx 10 years ago two strokes 2013/2014 and blind in one eye,but don't have confidence in the doctor.

  • Disappointed
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 10 Sep 18
    Rating: 1 5 1
    Written by

    Worse GP I’ve ever seen! Reception staff are rude and unhelpful! I have to wait MINIMUM of 2 weeks for an appointment! Initial consultation was 10 minutes and had no time at all to do any tests or a check up despit having told the doctor my symptoms have been getting worse. A week later I FAINTED at work, called the doctors and have to wait 2 weeks to check what is wrong with me. I can’t emphasise enough how awful the receptionist was when I tried to ask if I could see a doctor any sooner because I was worried, the receptionist was rude and said I couldn’t and I would have to wait two weeks. I’ve nevee experience such lack of sensitivity in a GP practice.

  • Appointment with practice nurse
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 12 Jul 18
    Rating: 1 5 4
    Written by

    Yesterday I had an appointment with the Practice Nurse after an accident in the garden where I badly grazed my legs. I saw the nurse who dressed my legs, who was very kind and caring and delivered great service..

  • Thought i had a sprained wrist was cellulitus
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 13 Jun 17
    Rating: 1 5 5
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    I rang the surgery and told them of my symptoms - swollen aching wrist which was becoming increasingly difficult to move.I didn't believe it was that serious ; the staff did , I was told to go to yateley medical now. With the urgency in their voice I wasted no time and went straight there. Before I had even sat down my name was called and after speaking to the gp was informed I had cellulitis which can lead to sepsis. I was given a course of antibiotics and went away very satisfied with the service I was given and the concern shown. I am now well. Thank you very very much all those involved.

  • The doctors are fab the receptionists are unhelpful!
    Oakley Health Group - Hartley Corner Surgery 19 Apr 17
    Rating: 1 5 3
    Written by

    This doctors surgery used to be fantastic! Now you have to wait a months for an appointment unless you are "urgently ill" then you have to traipse to another medical center to be seen! An ear infection is not urgent, so i don't want to attend an urgent care center but should not be expected to wait a month for treatment!